Friday, May 14, 2010

Mission Monkey

My bad, my blog posted before I was ready.

Many of you may have already heard about Monkey, the sweet lil thing who belongs to Michelle over at Momma's Pixie Dreams. Well, she found out that her lil monkey has Neuroblastoma. And it's friggin scary. You hear that word and you just KNOW it means business.

It's Cancer. The "C" word. And it sucks.

So, as usual, the blog world is pulling together, and if you're able to help out, here's a link for you to donate:

And if you can't help out, please just head on over to Momma's Pixie Dreams to offer your words of support and encouragement. Because even a little love goes a long way!

There will also be an auction of sorts to help this family, and you can find out more details about that over at The Daily Dose of Reality.

Hugs to Michelle and her Monkey. And the entire family.


  1. A very worthy cause and the response from the blogging community has been overwhelming and FAST! Thanks for posting about Monkey.


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