Friday, May 7, 2010

It's Follow Friday

Or something like that.

So I figured I'd take some time to link you up to some bloggers I enjoy reading regularly. If you aren't on this list, no worries, I"ll get to you in my next installment. Or the next one. Or the one after that. (I have a lot of people that I follow!)

Erin at The Mother Load: Erin is a blast. I directed people to her today in my #FF tweet. She is an open and honest mother of two (twins! twin girls, no less! G-d bless her!) who tells it like it is. She's the real deal, and you need to check her out if you have not yet done so. I promise you won't be disappointed. Pinky swear.

Sorta Southern Single Mom over at Single Mom in the South: Looking for recipes? She's got 'em. Looking for tips on Southern Life? Got those, too. Mommy talk? Yep. Single mommy talk? Certainly. Comparing life in the South to her time in the "Great White North?" Sure. Just go on over and say hey. Tell her I sentcha, if you'd like.

Robin, over at Insights and Belly Laughs. First off, go look at her beautiful artwork. The colors on her blog are incredible. They lift my mood whenever I stop by. She's a sweetheart, and I think somehow we're kindred spirits. I like that!

That One Mom over at Only Parent Chronicles. I $FF-d her last week on Twitter. I "heart" her. For her honesty, her openness, and her future ex-husbands posts. Yum.

And lastly, for today, I'll direct you to Pam over at Pam's Perspective. Pam's blog is one of the first blogs I came across when I started blogging. I learned about following, and I learned about worthy content that was fun to read, fun to connect through, and someone who was open, candid and real. Pam's blog is a great enjoyment for me. I hope you'll go say hi to her.

Hope you enjoy this little list. Happy Friday, Everyone!


  1. I haven't heard of most of these. They sound great. I'm always happy to find new blogs to follow. Thanks for sharing, I'm off to check them out!

  2. You are too tooo sweet and yes we are kindred many ways...!!! Thank you for this...!!and Ill check out the others that I dont know as well...HaPpy MoThErS Day to You....Mwha..!!..

    ...I havent been around as much because Ive been working on an annual report thats many pages long...and it needs data and results and bla bla bla...I know you can thats what Ive been doing..ill be done soon..I hope..!

  3. Well, color me flattered! Thanks so much for the shout out. I'm all speechless and flabbergasted here!

  4. AWW! Thanks for the shout out! I'll have to return the favor soon!


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