Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ideas ...

Follower Spotlight?

Whatcha think? Is it a good idea? Should I do it?

I was thinking about spotlighting my followers (if anyone is interested, of course) in a weekly or every other week kind of post.

Or just having a guest post. I did that for my friend LabMom once and I think she enjoyed herself in my neck of the woods.

I guest blogged for ThatOneMom once when she was on vacation, and I had fun, too!

So, if you're a follower and interested in coming by to do a guest post, just let me know. Otherwise I may just spotlight you on my own, and that'll be fun, but might not be as fun or funny as you'd like. ;)

Book Swap?

I know I mentioned this before, and a bunch of peeps were interested. So, are you? Would you like to partake? I think I can get this going before May is out, and then we can set the book mailing date to be in June at some point. If that works for everyone.

But how to ensure that your swapping partner doesn't have the book you're sending them? I mean, ideally that wouldn't happen, but it's a risk. I kind of feel like the best way to do it is to have our swappers send off a copy of one of their favorite reads. Doesn't have to be new, but has to be in gently used condition, if it's been read.

Their fellow bloggy swap partner posts to "link up" and gives us an idea of the kinds of books s/he enjoys reading. Some of their fave authors, etc. and we (the book sender) tries to find something we've loved that either meshes with them, or may be a total opposite, but we love it anyway. I don't know which direction to take this. We can also just leave it to the discretion of the sender.

I would absolutely love the recipient to be surprised by the book they get, though. I think that's the biggest *fun* aspect, but I totally love surprises, so that may just be me!

So, are you in? If so, stay tuned. I'll get us going shortly.

How do you feel about buttons?

Obviously, I don't have one, but I would love one. Not so much for people to put on their pages, but just to have something that represents ME. I could make one, but I don't really know how to do them with "clip-art," mostly just with pictures (real life images) and that's not the feel I'm going for.

Although I guess without one I'm not going for any particular feel, right? I don't want a cartoon of me, although that would be kind of cute, no?

Like this could be me, right?

SO, do I need one? Do you have one? Should I have one? Or is it OK to just be me, and have everyone see my smiling face wherever I go? [Wink! Wink!]

Share your thoughts. Feel free. Let me have it. Or don't. I'll be OK. Just sitting here. Wallowing. Without any comments. Whatevs.


  1. Go for the button!

    As for the swap, great idea, but I'm holding off on all swaps until I move. Down the road I might participate though.

  2. I tried spotlighting poeple who read my blog regularly and then stopped because it was too much work for me ... I'm lazy like that. It is a nice thought though!

  3. All sound like fantastic ideas to me!

  4. Buttons rock!! I got one when I had my blog redone and I love it! I also had my friend Tamara at Cheapskate Designs make a "Community" button. I love it!! She's got mad skills. If you're just looking for a button, she's your gal!


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