Monday, April 26, 2010

Manic Monday

It's not a meme. It's just my own little recap of how Mondays seem to go. If you're having a manic Monday, as well, feel free to comment and let me know. If not, well, comment anyway! I like to know I'm not alone in this!

So, what makes Mondays manic? Well, where to begin?

Mondays are manic because hubby goes back to work. Yes, I get to sleep in on the weekends, and he never lets me forget it, and I probably sleep later than he does on weekdays, because I tend to wait until the very last minute I can possibly wake up, which usually has my child standing on top of me, or hovering over me, until I open my eyes. Manic enough start for you?

We took a walk today, which was nice, but we also had to take the babies with us. In their dolly stroller. Which is fine. And I encourage(d). And I didn't mind stuffing in Perry, Pounce (a kitty-cat beanie baby that was mine ages ago from old friends, but is now in the child's possession. At least she let me tell her his name!), and not one, not two, but four babies. Oh, wait! I forgot about Naked Baby. Five. Five babies. Two teeny tiny small ones, and two medium ones and then her bitty baby. Ah, the fun of it all. And so, when she asked me to push her babies in their stroller and I refused, I at least twice had to threaten to leave them where the stroller stood, as you know what? I may be 5'2-3/4" and all (shut up, they just measured me at the doctor's office) but it's annoying as all heck to hunch over and walk that d@mned stroller down the street. YOU wanted to bring them out, YOU push the thing. OK? OK, Mommy.

-- Child's line of thoughts surely had her wondering if Mommy took her happy pill this morning. I did, I did. But I probably could have used a second! --

Anyway, the babies and crew and the child and I made it home safely. At some point this afternoon I tried to sneak upstairs to tag some inventory for our Saturday sale. She found me. I mean, I couldn't have been up there for 5 minutes before she came up. Come on, kid! Phineas and Ferb are on for a reason!

And so, now, here I am, typing this while she eats a PB&J (my choice this evening) for dinner. She really wouldn't eat lunch, but did have "bugs" [pkg of fruit chews] and a Danonino yogurt, and a few noodles, and, well, something else, I'm sure. Oh, yes, almost two Target brand pop-tarts this morning. throughout the morning. so she was OK to skip lunch, don't you think?
Oh, wait! That wasn't even breakfast. Breakfast was turkey sausage and egg-white patties. The kid can surely eat!

Anyway, here we are. Manic Monday winds down with my figuring out what to make for hubby for dinner, and heading down the street to a bidness meeting. And how's by you?


  1. My manic monday started on sunday and it's gone down hill from there. Please hurry Tuesday, I can't take anymore.

  2. This Monday hasn't been s o manic. I'm in bed sick, so is The Boy. The Girl, however, has been pushing every last button.

  3. This had me really laughing thinking about her shadowing you and making her push the stroller with all those babies in it and all. Too too funny!

  4. My manic Monday started when I woke up at midnight and remembered I needed to pay my city utility bill FIRST THING this morning. I remembered when I woke up and walked to the city building to drop off the payment (luckily it is across the street- sort of) then walkiing to the post office to get the mail (around the block - kind of). I worked for several hours, then decided to get my taco soup started in the crock pot for dinner. I didn't have an onion, so I walked to my sister's house to steal one. Only to get home put all of my ingredients together and realize that I did not have any kidney beans. Called my sister, she didn't have any. Walked to the store to get beans. After that the day was a little more relaxing. By the way, all the walking is not for my health but because the transmission in my blazer has died.

  5. I worked out of the house yesterday for a full 8-hour day for the first time since giving birth! Then I had a meeting, so I left the house at 8:30 am and did not get home until 10:30 pm...haven't done that in YEARS!!!

    Oh, and I grew and inch this joke...when they measured me at my yearly this year, I made them redo it three times...

  6. Mondays are always tough. Hard getting back in the groove from the weekend. Good luck with the tag sale.

  7. Andrea,,, I got your package today and was very pleased!!
    Thank you:
    Check out my blog to sees the goodies.....
    Big Smile here..

  8. I had a Manic Monday as I was recovering from vacation and trying to get the laundry caught up.


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