Monday, February 1, 2010

"Not Me!" Monday

Welcome to "Not Me" Mondays. If you've never experienced one before, click on the link above and you'll find yourself in a world of your peers. Unless, of course, you're a perfect momma. Which if so, well, we all strive to BE JUST LIKE YOU. Now go away. ;)

So, it's totally not me who is letting my daughter play with scissors because I wanted to get this post down right now. Children's scissors, but still, not me!

It is also not possible that I would ever start to fall asleep on the couch while my child played happily somewhere behind me. Only to wake up shortly after (I think? Or I don't think?) to realize that our dog had been outside the entire time. Poor guy. I'd never let my puppy freeze his achin' and old butt off. EVER.

And I SURELY wouldn't allow my child two bags of "bugs," 1 Ritz Crackerful and, hmmmn, who knows what else to constitute her lunch. Oh, yeah, and some corn w. chicken, that she barely ate. It's also not me who spoon-fed her to get her to eat it, nor am I the mother who ends up feeding my child the remains of her meal after a certain window of time. Nor do I have the child who says, "You feed me, Mommy," quite frequently. Never would MY child need to or want to be fed at nearly three years of age. Nope.

Oh, and I'm also not the mom who told their child this morning that it wasn't even 9 yet, only to have her check the clock several times during the day today and say, "It's nine." When I responded, "No, it's 2:33." And she repeated, "It's nine yet?" did I realize that she thought she was going to go out at 9. Whoops. NOT I! I'd never mislead my poor child, only because I was not thinking about time and understanding, but because I really don't feel like playing in the semi-frozen snow today! Not me!! Not this MAMA!


  1. I can relate to everyone of your not me's. Uhhhh, I mean I canNOT relate. Nope, not me! ;)

  2. I would spoon feed my son if he would only eat what we were eating.

  3. nope, nope- can't relate at all ... not me!

  4. LOL - I have been guilty of feeding my daughter too - and she's four now! The hubs put a stop to it and he was so right (this time at least). I'd probably still be doing it. You had me laughing with that one.

  5. Oh, I know. Me neither. Especially the lunch thing. I would NEVER! ;-)

  6. I would never lie about the time to avoid snow play either! Of course not!


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