Monday, February 15, 2010

Mellow Monday

Hubby took today off. My parents are still visiting. It is pouring. Hubby took the wee one out for a car-ride aka: nap. He called and set a world record: 3 miles and she was out like a light.

I'm lazy. Tired. Stuffy. Chillaxin'. And did I mention lazy?
No? Yeah, I did. You read me.

Hope you're all enjoying your day, that everyone has the day off and has better weather than we do here. Happy Monday to all and to all a good "afternoon!"


  1. Our day was pretty chill too. We needed a day like today.

  2. Sounds like the perfect way to spend the day!

  3. Enjoy your day! Nice to have hubby home?! And I'm sick of our weather, too. Ready for spring!!


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