Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lazy Weekend

Not really a post, just a hi and a Congrats to the NOLA Saints!!!

I'm very psyched for them, although I watched not enough of the game, or the commercials, as my daughter's bedtime was not as smooth as I had hoped it would be.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed your weekends. We had some flakes here yesterday, which was kind of pretty, but then it went away, which was eh. Odd, I can't truly remember what we did yesterday. I think I blocked it out of my mind. We went to eat lunch (where? I forget) and then to the mall (blocking it out, blacking out, whatever you want to call it) and then came home. Oh, wait, I remember. Lunch was AT the mall, at Ruby Tuesdays. I had a yummy turkey burger with avocado and havarti cheese. I was proud of myself, I ate only 1/2 of it, but then, of course, ate fries and artichoke dip, too. Ah, well. Ate the rest of the sandwich for dinner. Two meals in one!

Today we went to the gas station for breakfast, but guess what? It wasn't SHEETZ. :( It was Huddle House. Ever heard of it? No? Not missing that much. Super cheap, super simple, super eh. Then we hit Target, which was a great success. I was on a kick today, and had the urge and NEED to organize our downstairs. Our dining room that is a semi-playroom, our living room that is a total playroom, and so on and so forth.

I had some more to say and some ideas for posts, cute stuff, but I'm blanking on that, too. It is also possible that because I have a cat kneading on my back right now I may just not feel like writing anymore. And you? How was your weekend? Hasta manana.

p.s. Whattayaknow? I think I just wrote a post. No?


  1. Two meals in one? Can't beat that!

  2. You had a nice weekend and you got to eat out! I always like that but haven't done it in a while!

  3. I love that particular sandwich too...yes we enjoyed the game ..well me and Jose mom thinks hes my new best friend..I overindulged yesterday...yes just me...everyone else kept their kool.. but we had many laughs...Have a great Day..!

  4. I took my kiddos out to lunch yesterday at a cheap diner-type place here. THey loved it, we got out of the house, and it took up an hour. SCORE!


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