Thursday, January 7, 2010

Waffles for breakfast ...

It seemed, for a short while, that I might never have waffles for breakfast again. Not because of the Eggo shortage (there was one, I swear!) but because I was so tired of the things. And because I bought a stash of interesting bagels at Panera this past weekend, but that's neither here nor there. ;)

And yet, I ask of you, what easier breakfast exists? Frozen waffles are SO simple to make = pop into toaster oven and wait. Beep. Ready. Eat before you walk into the other room. Done. Ask yourself, did I actually eat that? Oh, yes, I did. OK, walk back and get the second one. If you're smart you'll put some peanut butter on it this time. It'll stick to your ribs a bit longer (stupid saying, no? Not sure I've ever actually heard someone SAY that, I've just heard OF the saying.) Wait, on laptop and too lazy to walk back to kitchen to get second waffle. May be cold by the time you get to it, soggy, even? Perhaps hard as a rock? Ah, well. I'll get there.

And if not, hooray for smaller breakfast today! Good for you for watching what you eat!

No, no. Not really. You didn't "watch" what you ate. You just ate it. Hmmn. I suppose that's true. Go get the other one and eat it more slowly. I will, I will.

As soon as I finish this blog post/e-mail/work/volunteer work/deleting 900 spam messages/other e-mail/yet another e-mail (multiple personality much?) and then, THEN ... go get waffle.

Not really in the mood for waffle anymore. Open pantry. Star shaped graham cookie, anyone? [CanNOT wait to be done with those! Should just throw them away. People starving all over the world. What BS. You couldn't save people w. box of cookies. Evil cookies. Evil not-yet-3-year-old daughter who daily says, 'I need cookies, Mommy. Two for me and two for you.' (Not evil, just trained really well ...) Only like a dozen left, should last 3 days ... maybe.]

Where was I? Ah, yes, waffles.

Could save loads of money and be like MIL and MAKE my own waffles. BAH! Make them and freeze them. Have them for the week or so. Excellent idea. How to make waffles? Hubby suggests buying Bisquick. Really? REALLY, hubby? What's the saving there? Make from scratch instead? With flour and sh!t? Hee hee. How long have we been married? Betty Crocker I'm not.

Hungry again. Where is that waffle, anyway?


  1. Girl, it's good that they don't have them here because otherwise i would have ran out and gotten a box right now - even though I just got home from the store.

    They had these blueberry mini waffles at Whole Foods that were soooooo gooood with a little bit of honey and cream cheese on them!!

  2. I admit it. I use Bisquick every single time I make waffles. It's not that much harder than frozen ready-to-go waffles...

  3. We never make waffles... it's usually pancakes because our waffle maker broke. :)

  4. Big fan of the frozen waffles - we always have plenty around here. My son eats a whole grain waffle with peanut butter almost everyday and I enjoy the gluten-free varieties. Long live the frozen waffle!!!

  5. They aren't that hard to make...they have boxes of mix now...don't they?? Instead of having to do all that crap from scratch...


  6. I don't make my own waffles, either. I buy Kashi ones and spread them with peanut butter. On the mornings I don't eat cottage cheese with fruit. Trying to behave at breakfast. We shall see.

    Loved this post. So true, so true. SOmetimes I swear we were separated at birth!

  7. Wait...there was a waffle shortage?

    Is it over? Tell me!!!


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