Monday, January 11, 2010

SO gross

WARNING: Not for the weak of stomach.

Last night I headed to bed early. And I really do mean early. Like went upstairs by 10PM. For me that's unheard of.

And on my way up the stairs, 1/2-eaten granola bar in hand, I stepped in it.

See, I leave the light off, as my daughter's bedroom is right at the top of the stairs. Her door is closed, and she has a nightlight that is bright enough to light up the friggin sky, so I don't know why I think she'd actually *see* the hall light go on or anything, but it's a force of habit, I guess.

And so, I stepped in it.

And my nice, loud reaction was "ARUGH!!!!" (She didn't wake up, thank G-d.)

Cat puke. And not just your normal hairball, or your normal spot of puke, but enough that I went toe deep in it. And nearly vomited.

Hubby basically said, 'Talk to me. What do you need?' What do you THINK I NEED????? He brought me a roll of paper towels. I cleaned up as best I could, after grabbing a baby wipe to clean off my foot (who says all that crap I have hanging off of the banister is a bad thing?) and went up to bed.

It's nasty. It's gross. And the only thing worse, well, I'm just glad it wasn't worse!

And good morning to you. I hope you've had your breakfast already. If not, I am truly sorry.


  1. 10 pm that's late. Poor you, I've been there, done that and got the tissue to prove it so you have my every sympathy.

  2. Gross!

    I was actually expecting worse, though. ;)

  3. Been there, done that. And yes, it's really gross. Especially when it's fresh. ICK!

  4. Ahhh, yes. The dreaded cat puke between the toes. I've done that as well, just once. But I NEVER forgot about it.


  5. I've done that before. Pretty gross!

  6. that IS gross! At least it wasn't poo b/c that is even worse IMO!

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  8. Yep, your title was completely accurate!

  9. yeah, poop would be worse, i think. but i'm still sorry you stepped in cat puke!


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