Thursday, January 14, 2010

Over or Under?

I can't help myself, when I hear of an opportunity to win toilet paper for an entire month, I think to myself ... why the heck not? 24 rolls. Not the most exciting sounding prize, right? BUT, I really am curious about the great debate. So, tell me, are you an over or under TP person?

I've heard this debate before. I've also been asked in a poll once whether I'm a folder or a 'buncher,' sounds weird, doesn't it? So, which are you? (You don't have to answer this one if you don't want. I truly don't care THAT much. No offense.)

But if you do leave me a comment on this post, you'll be entered in a drawing to win a Cottonelle gift basket (they're giving away 10, so it's worth a shot!) that they're pulling on January 29th. And if not, no sweat, I still get my prize ... I think!

So, here's the Cottonelle Roll Poll that I found out about on Mom Bloggers Club. MBC (my own abbreviation, not necessarily theirs) is a great community for mom bloggers. I've enjoyed it for the brief time I've been a part of it, and look forward to making more connections through the group.

So, there you have it. Over or under? Folder or buncher? Or do you use a bidet? [See here for the funniest possible post about bidets, EVER. It's over at The Mother Load, Erin's blog, and her brother is the guest blogger. You'll pee. I PROMISE. Pun intended.]


  1. I'm and under and a buncher! LOL!

    This is funny! I hope you get your prize! 24 rolls of TP is a PRIZE!

  2. It has to be over, over, over!!!

  3. Over! Definitely over! And thanks for linking up to my brother's post! LOL

  4. Over and sounds like some law firm or something...LOL

  5. I' a folder and it's like fold fold fold till perfect. lol

  6. Fingers crossed you win. Like you I'll enter competitions to win some prety strange things. Even worse I'll send for anything thats free - well you never know when these things might come in useful.

  7. I voted Team Under :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!


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