Monday, January 25, 2010

"Not Me!" Monday

Not Me Mondays are over at MckMama's neck of the woods, go check her out!

It was absolutely
not me who submitted this post to my blog just now without any info in it, on accident. Whoops!

It has also not been me this morning who has let my child sit on the couch, eating waffle after waffle (literally THREE blueberry toasted waffles) while watching an hour-long Mickey Mouse movie, a mini-Handy Manny episode, and another MM episode! Nope. No way!

I am also not the mom who has let her sit in her pajama shirt this entire morning, since she didn't want to put her PJ-pants back on, OR change into the new shirt we got her at the hockey game last night. (Yes, that WAS me screaming for the Hurricanes as they went 5-1 against the Bruins, at least before we left ... it was not me leaving early because we weren't sure our not-quite-3-yo would make it through the third before totally crashing after an XL tub of popcorn!) It was also not me allowing said child to eat that much popcorn. No wonder she's starving this morning! Uhm, I mean, I'm totally shocked that she's so hungry today.

It was NEVER ME who was cool w. hubby driving around town trying to find her a 'Canes shirt, BEFORE the game, so we wouldn't have to spend 9 million AT the game, only to get there and find a 4T long-sleeved tee-shirt for only $15. Nope. Not me. Uhm, not us.

It is also not possibly me who watches Handy Manny with my daughter and thinks to myself, wow, THIS is Handy Manny ... I'd NEVER do that.


  1. LOL, Pierce has this Handy Manny drill toy. And it talks. And every time it's talking I'm thinking, "Handy Manny has such a sexy voice!" ;-) Now I have your image of Handy Manny to put with the voice. Trouble!!

  2. LOL - it's not me that got my son breakfast in the starbuck's dive-thru this morning...

  3. Wow! Who'd of thought Handy Manny is so good looking? Thanks for sharing that eye candy, it will get me through my morning. :)

  4. Wait, I'm not the only one who thinks about Handy Manny like that?!?!? LMAO!

  5. I never post something on accident then say "oh $h!t...I've got to get that off there before anyone see it!" Nope...not me.

  6. I missed this one yesterday!!!
    How did that happen???

    ANyway, I would never let my child sit in front of the tv, watching 16 episodes of Toopy and Binoo, while eating fruit roll-ups, while I was blogging!!! Nope, not me.

    I "heart" you soooo much.

  7. Wow, I'll never watch Handy Manny the same again, LOL!!!!


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