Monday, January 18, 2010

"Not Me!" Monday

I'd never wait til nearly midnight to post my Not Me Monday edition. Nope -- not I!

And I'd never allow my child to eat the following items all in one day (yesterday!) ...

* Breakfast = yogurt w. granola

* Lunch = almost 2 Dora yogurts [didn't finish them all yesterday, but ate the rest today]

* Lunch#2 = most of a chicken patty w. 1 monterey jack cheese stick

* Dinner = veggie burger w. 1 slice of American Cheese on a hamburger bun
* Snacks through the day = 2 fruit chew snacks, 1/2 sugar cookie, and that's all I can recall!
Can anyone say Dairy Overload? Nope. Not me!

I'd also NEVER EVER find myself eating my meals on the couch in the living room and giving
sharing them with to my daughter throughout the day. Nope, never. Not me. She'd never end up eating more than 1/2 her daily food in the living room, either on the couch stealing from sharing with mommy or at her little table in front of the TV.

Those are just a few random thoughts after the nice Monday we had today. She actually did pretty well. And I would certainly never tell her to just go outside and play and I'd be right there ... after I checked e-mail, all 900 inboxes that I have, and went to the bathroom. And I'd never scream her name SO loud that the entire neighborhood probably heard me when she left the back door open and ran out there. Leaving an open path for the kitties to run out and never return, should they dare. Nope. I'd never scream and sound like bloody murder to my not-yet-3-year-old. Not me!

How about you? Have you checked out MckMama's blog for more people not doing crazy sh!t like this today?


  1. my little guy runs out the back door every chance he gets, so i can sympathize. cute not me monday post.

  2. I think my kids' daily diet would appall most people. It's not that unhealthy, there are just lots of repetitive things (i.e. Dora yogurt, Danimals Smoothies, string cheese--what is it w/ kids and dairy, anyway?). Their choice, not mine, and I'm often too tired to argue against two 4 year olds. I lose every time!


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