Monday, January 4, 2010

Being a mom means ...

I haven't done one of these in a while, so here's where my mind is at tonight!

Being a mom means ...

* Triple checking the bathroom door is locked and latched before going to do your business when anyone else happens to be home. If you want to do so in peace, that is. Or at least privately, as peace is relative when your little one happens to bang on the door and call your "name" for about 5 straight minutes before you're ready to start bringing your iPod in there with you.

Gitchi gitchi ya ya da da
Gitchi gitchi ya ya here
Mocha choca latta ya ya
Creole lady, Marmalade

should drown it out, right?

* Waking up at 10pm after falling asleep on the floor next to your child or her bed just so she can fall asleep soundly, only to have lost several precious hours of your night that were assigned to more important things. Like NCIS, Bones, etc. and hours of online chatter.

* Feeling like there is nothing softer than the hand that you hold at bedtime and rub soothingly to assist in that falling asleep experience.
* Hearing "What do you have?" EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. you walk back from the kitchen with anything to eat in your hands or mouth. And I do mean EVERY.

* Hiding under a huge box that may cover your child, but certainly does not cover all 5' 2" (2-1/2" if you listen to me!) of yourself. And yet, said child is thrilled to *find* you under there after counting to ten, or perhaps 20. Seriously.
* Being months behind on the show Rescue Me because it just doesn't matter if you use the close captioning, the shots are often too graphic or sexual, and the chance that your not-quite-3-year-old will look up and see Denis Leary's a$$ or Franco (do I even CARE what his real name is?) making out with some chica is just too much to deal with at 3 in the afternoon.

* Saying good night to 5 Doras, 1 Boots, 1 "dolly" and Kelly and her pony Apple (remember the horse we met over the summer? Our friend Kelly's horse? Her name was Apple. Go figure.) Oh, and don't forget [her fave saying lately] the three snowmen, and big and mini lobsters. All resting comfortably on a changing pad with a Dora (anyone see the irony there?) blanket covering them and keeping them cozy.

* Not wanting to change a moment of this for anything in the world. Except maybe the bathroom privacy/peace part. I mean, it'd be nice once in a while ... don't you agree?


  1. love this :)
    for me (im odd this way) it is less about the bidness doing and ALL about the showering.

    Im ready for a long hot shower in peace.
    and Ill get one yes?
    when she's 30? :)


  2. I can relate to all of these. The bathroom thing drives me crazy. My kids stick there hands under the door while I'm in there.

  3. Now that I am a mother to teenagers, I really miss all those crazy moments with little ones. Enjoy them because they turn into teen moments too quickly!

  4. I have a lock on my bathroom door with my 4 year old and my twin almost 8 year olds and am still safe. However, they have been practicing with straightened paper clips acting as picks, to open any locked doors. I have a picture of my son Isaac who, at the age of 2, was caught trying to open the bathroom door with a toothpick in the hole.

  5. I mostly poop really fast and try to get out before they notice I'm gone. Doesn't always work out. I'm trying to teach them about privacy, but they don't get it yet.

    I took a shower this morning! Hooray! Hope you get one soon, too!

  6. That is so darling about you hiding under the box!!

    It's funny how nothing escapes their attention!

  7. oh my, this is all soooo true! my kids learned the expression "May I please have some privacy?" from an early age - not that they ever listen when I say that.

  8. So true. I've always loved being an aunty but this only reminds me why I've never wanted children of my own - nephew and nieces always a joy and delight to look after and handy when wanting to see kiddies films at the pictures but always nice to hand back afterwards. Lol


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