Saturday, December 5, 2009

Who will it be? (x3!)

OK, so I'm a sucker for followers and I can't help myself. The last two times, but now adding this one, so not more than three, YET, I come so close to the round number I have dorkily [a word? I think not ...] posted about who my _0th follower would be.

So, since I'm busy today and don't have the time or mind-energy to come up with yet another creative post, who will it be? Could it be you? Probably not, as if you're reading this you're likely already a follower, no?

Live from NC, it's Saturday Niiiiight!!! I know, I know, I'm so lame. Sweet dreams, y'all.


  1. If you're feeling like your tank is empty, you could always call on your friend, Mrs. Scribe. I hear that she does guest posts--for free!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Since you are a redneck..I love rednecks (my hubby and his family are from the South), I feel like I should be your 70th follower. So Happy 70th!

    Holly @ 504 Main

  3. You're soo cute!!
    And look at you go... 70 followers now!!! Woot!

    keep up the great work.
    I so enjoy visiting your blog!!


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