Saturday, November 21, 2009

It really sucks ...

When your daughter wakes up at 4AM, you've only just gone to bed at around 1, and your hubby has to work the next morning. Staying up with her til 5:30 or so, getting her to finally get into and STAY into bed and falling back to sleep. I am so on edge this morning, it's enough to get me to start drinking coffee!

I just want a few minutes of computer time, now yes, I'm sure I've been on for longer than a few minutes, but child, just eat your breakfast!!!! It doesn't help that she "wants music" this morning, so I have Laurie Berkner singing in the background of the start to our day, our dog wants to come in and go out more times than a mom should have to get up and do a repeated motion and my child is now feeding him some of her turkey sausage and egg-white, which will probably give him the poops. As if he doesn't have those
enough on his own!

I have no soy milk, am too lazy to make tea (I'm out of chai anyway) and not in the mood for cocoa. I have no Coke in the house, so no caffeine there, either. And to top all of that off I stupidly stepped on the scale this morning and the weight I lost when I was sick, well, some of it came back. I'm far from happy about that, and honestly don't want to eat anything today at all, but then I realized, well, I'm hungry, dammit!

So, happy Saturday. I think I'm still doing well on NaBloPoMo or whatever it's called. I haven't missed a day in November yet, but that's my norm. December will be much less bloggy for me, since we plan to do some traveling. Nah, don't get all excited, not a vacation, but we will be thrilled to visit family, so that has to count for something. As for a vacation, a REAL vacation, someday that will actually happen for us again. Somewhere warm and toasty and beach-y and so forth. And yes, I know beach-y is not really a word. Who cares?
Yours in friendship and grumpiness ...

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  1. LOL... friendship and grumpiness. I'm with ya on that one, Darlin.

    Minus the dog part, I had pretty much the same kind of day yesterday and today!! I'm a HUGE coffee drinker, and had nothing in the house, been up the whole night coughing, Trinity came bouncing in at 6:05 (about 20 minutes after I finally dozed off) ... was a walking, grumpy, scowling zombie for the rest of the day!

    Some days are just better than others... Hope you get some well deserved family time, and somewhere beachy would be nice too... :)


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