Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Do you do soaps?

This question sounds somewhat loaded, and I realized it as I wrote it. I could have two meanings.

One, do you use soap when you bathe or shower? I mean, seriously? I probably have not used actual BAR soap in years! Except maybe when I'm at my parents' or my ILs' houses. I'm a shower gel, shower creme, scrubby, sudsy, every product under the sun kind of a gal. I'm also addicted to products. But that's a whole 'nother post.

Now, what my actual question is about, is soap operas. Are you a fan? Is this a dying genre of television? So many old school soaps have gone the way of the 8-track (I'm old, I get it.) For example, this year Guiding Light, a show I'll admit that I never liked, but still have to recognize that it ran for like 70-something years!!!! ... ehem ... went buh-bye. No loss there for me, but what if that ever happened to General Hospital? What would I do? I'd be DEVASTATED. I'm serious. Devastated.

I have been watching General Hospital since before I was born. And my daughter can say the same. Well, some day she will be able to, I hope! I swear that when she was an infant she turned and looked at the television when the theme song came on and looked back at me with a smile. Like, *I totally know what's coming!*

How would I live without Jason Morgan? I mean, seriously, people, if you don't know who I'm talking about you're missing out.

He's hot. Plain and simple. H-O-T.

And it's not just him. Sonny Corinthos. Who, you ask? Another hottie. So what if they're both mobsters? I really don't care. And if that makes you question my moral code, so be it.

Nikolas Cassidine. The brooding prince. What do you mean there shouldn't be a prince on television? What do you know, anyway?

OK, and lastly, check out Dr. Patrick Drake. Sigh. I probably could have found a larger image, but it might have burned up my screen. Or your eyes. And then I'd have to go to the doctor. Who, sadly, and undoubtedly, ain't THIS hot!

So, anyway, I love my GH boys, and I love the show. I'm addicted. Can't miss an episode. These are my confessions. Take them as you must. Look at me differently, I don't care. I'm a soap fan. And I'm proud!!!


  1. I've also been watching GH since birth. I tend to get behind but I still DVR it every day. I just found out that One Life to Live is on it's way out...1-2 years is what I heard. It makes me sad. I can't imagine my TV world without GH...and all those hotties. mmmm...Jason....

  2. Great post! I haven't watched a soap in about 15 years but reading your post I see not much has changed. Haha!

  3. I haven't watched a soap since I was in college!! That's around 20 years ago. I tried starting up again when my son was born, but it just never clicked again for me. I see the names are still the same! How funny

  4. I've been watching GH off and on since birth too! I'll admit I haven't seen it in a few years now. But the same hotties are still on! I once worked with "Jason Morgan"'s mother. Got a signed picture of him out of that but no idea what ever happened to it.

  5. I haven't watched a soap opera in YEARS but when I was in college, I was an All My Children and One Life to Live fan!

    As for the other soap-- we're not bar soap people either. Shower gel all the way!

  6. I so agree with you they are all hot! But Jason Morgan wow! Yummy!!! I don't care if he's mobster or not. lol

  7. OHHHH Jason Morgan is so incredibly hot!! Yummy. I've been watching GH Since I was probably 13. So way hot..now I like Jaxs too.

  8. Cool! I love the GH men...ohh especially Jason!
    I will have to admits sonny & Dr. Drake are also my favs! I watch on Soapnet on & off...it gets good then it drives me nuts.

    I lost interest in the whole jason/elizbeth mess...she bugs me. If he's back with Sam I will have to start watching again :)


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