Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday and Sweet Potatoes for Breakfast!

Anyone out there at 3AM last night? Was that an oxymoron? Not me. No way, no how. Even when I did go out shopping on Black Friday, I never left the house before 10. Seriously.

I used to love this day. Mostly because my mom and I got up somewhat early, but not nearly as early as these crazy shoppers nowadays. We would get ourselves ready and head to the mall. Any Brooklynites out there? Kings Plaza was our shopping haven. As a side-note, I used to work there when I was in High School. Maybe you saw me? But I digress.
So my mom and I used to do the majority of our holiday shopping on this day. We'd hit as many stores as we could, buy as much as we could carry, and sometimes had to go store the first stash in the trunk of her car in order to pick up more stuff.

The only thing I miss about the out and about Black Friday experience is that time with my mom. For the last few years of my living in NY I actually worked on BF. And so I would talk to my mom when I got to work. One year, without me, she was crazy enough to get out of the house at like 5AM. What? Who was this woman and what had they done with my mother?

Anyway, I wonder if she dragged my dad out anywhere this morning. This is actually his first year EVER home on BF. My dad lost his job before the summer, and unfortunately hasn't found a new one, and yet, fortunately, is "retired" now. But the whole point of that ramble is this was his first Thanksgiving not working, EVER. In my entire life, anyway, and then some, I'm sure. So it's certainly his first BF off. Pretty cool, isn't it? Actually, I'm kind of jealous. I think they're headed to my brother's today for a secondary T-day. We held this one year, and it was really nice. Wish I was there.

But, alas, here I am. I just ate the remainder of my Boston Market sweet potatoes for breakfast (with a few handfuls of stale Cinnamon Toast Crunch) and a few sips of sweet tea. Am I a Southern gal or what? (I kid! I kid!)

And my daughter, who woke up at 6 (AGAIN!) and wanted to come on down and 'eat something,' had a handful of popcorn for her first course, and is working on some mixed varieties of dry cereal for her second course. Although it appears that she's dropping some into her cup of water, but I'm so tired I'm actually okay with that. For now.

I have been doing some BF window shopping. Old Navy has some great deals online. $15 jeans (even for +size mamas like me!) and $5 fleece tops. And lots more, so that looks like it could work for holiday shopping for my nieces and nephew. Heck, maybe we'll even find stuff on there for the ILs? Now that would be a nice and easy shopping experience.

So, to those of you who head out into the real world, good luck. Although by now you're probably back in bed ... and for the rest of you, who are like me, pull that blanket up a little tighter and you'll be all set!


  1. I think I will be skipping out on the Black Friday shopping. I might do some on-line, but I can't stand dealing with the crowds no matter how awesome the deals are!!

  2. I despise going anywhere near any type of store on BF!!! No way José...I'll stay home in my jammies thank you very much :D Hope your turkey day was good.

  3. Our local mall allegedly was full to the gills starting at about 1 a.m. I've never been a Black Friday Gal...but my daughters were out there early to get some deals!

  4. I never understood the allure of the 5am bf shopping. I did some 8am online Old Navy shopping. For me.

  5. How funny! I used to go to Kings Plaza!! What a flashback!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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