Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I love lunch from the gas station!

What? Am I crazy, you ask?

Why no, thank you for checking, but I'm absolutely fine.

See, here in North Carolina we have this wonderful, even -- forgive the term -- high class sort of gas station called Sheetz. And Sheetz is the greatest find ever here in NC. Sure, they have your basic pre-packaged items. You know the ones, all wrapped in saran wrap or wax paper, or some other sort of clear packaging.

But Sheetz makes you a fresh meal, right after you order it. I mean fresh from the oven (I think?) piping hot meals. From sandwiches to hot dogs, to chicken fingers and so much more.
Check out their menu here!

My favorite? Their pretzel sandwich. Seriously. They make a pretzel kind of bread, and I get a turkey sandwich on it with melted swiss cheese, tomatoes and dressing if you want it. And it is SO good. I seriously could eat one every. single. day. I mean it. Between those sandwiches and their cheese filled pretzels, for me, cheddar, I could make a meal and run.

And top it all off with their beverage variety and you'll be smiling, too. I'm so happy when I sip on one of their iced chai teas. So happy. I admit that Starbucks' iced chai is my favorite kind, but this will do in a pinch and then some. It's really quite yummy, and not over-spiced like the ones you find at Panera and Caribou.

Anyway, if you're down in the South and looking for a place to grab a bite to eat, look for the big red Sheetz sign. You won't be sorry!


  1. Where is this wonderful place in NC? I will be there in January and I need a pretzel sandwich. No joke! A few weeks back, we visited an Octoberfest at a local beer garden and they served bratwurst on pretzel buns. Best thing damn bratwurst I've ever eaten! Anwyay, I've been craving it ever since. Help a sister out, would ya? ;-)

  2. BTW...I totally get the whole gas station thing and it made me laugh. We stopped in Waynesville at the Haywood Cafe for dinner which is attached to a gas station and my DH turned his nose up at it until he tried the food. So yummy!

  3. Holy Sheetz! Sorry. Lame of me.

    I actually have a gas station down the road from my work that has the best breakfast in a cup (grits, eggs, sausage and cheese - yum!).

  4. I'm in Ohio and there's a few of those kind of gas stations here, too! Fresh-made desserts, too... peanut butter fudge!!!

  5. We have Sheetz and I have to say, it is rather fabulous. I used to work down the street from one and we'd often run there for subs rather then subway.

    YUM...and have you seen the milkshake machine?! So fun!

  6. I've never seen a Sheetz. Where are some locations?

  7. "High class gas station". Now those are words I never thought I would see together. Called Sheetz. Sheetz.....

  8. @ CU -- I defend my high class gas station. ;) And I tell you, if you're ever in the area you'll sing the praises, too. The closest to you is in PA, though, I think.

    @ B: We've been to the one on Aviation Pkwy (near the airport!) and on S. Miami Blvd in Durham. Apparently there are some other nearby locations, as well ... one on Thornton Road; the other at New Bern Ave.

    @ RDMT: They're all around NC, though, so even outside the Triangle area. I'm dorky, I know, but I could SO go for one of those sandwiches RIGHT NOW!


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