Friday, October 9, 2009

Being a mom means ...

* Listening to the same stories over and over again.
* Answering 900 "Why?" questions a day.

* Learning how to hold your breath while changing a stinky diaper.

* Learning all the words to every song on
Handy Manny.
* Translating your daughter's conversations for everyone around her. Even the Spanish ones (thanks, Dora and Diego!)

* Laughing hysterically when you wake up to your child screaming: "Mommmay! Mommmay, you made me cookies?"

* Relaxing as your child walks around all day in nothing but a diaper and a pajama shirt.

* Or the opposite, relaxing as your child walks around all day in pajama pants, a dress, and green rain boots.

* Understanding that if you give her something to play with, there is a strong possibility that she WILL break it.

* Having your camera ready at any given moment.

* Getting used to the fact that your boobs will never. look. the same. again.

* Turning a deaf ear towards the nighttime whining that comes from her bedroom, because you know that she is fine, and you know that if you do she will eventually just fall asleep.

* Finding yourself feeling the most incredible love in the world. Every single day of your life.


  1. Awwww, I LOVE this post!!
    And sooooo true.
    I love the "green rain boots" one! Hysterical.

  2. Yes! All true! I used to call my son "question boy" because he used to ask so many darn questions!

  3. These are all so true. The questions and the stories never seem to stop! By the way, I have an award over on my blog for you. I don't think the comment I tried to post here yesterday every popped up.

  4. Amen! This was great. :) Thanks for the visit!!!


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