Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today is not the day ...

* for my Internet access to be fluky.

* for my child to want to be picked up every five minutes.

* for my dishwasher to STILL be broken.

* for me to have a dull, throbbing pain over my right eye.

* for the 'I do it myself' mentality of a 2 1/2-year-old.

* for the pasta to take 20 minutes to boil.

* for the cherries I bought TWO days ago to have mold on them.

* for me to not have full access to my television set (General Hospital is CALLING me, people!)

I need a day off. Anyone know how I can get one scheduled? Any and all tips are appreciated.

Now if I lived completely ALONE I'd ...

* make my pasta, sauce and cheese and eat it straight out of the pot, without a cat pawing at me for a bite.

* be able to watch something besides Disney or Noggin and be all caught up on GH.

* curl up in bed with a good book, or two, or none.

* pop some Tylenol PM and get some more ZZZs.

* take a cool shower and lay down on the bed, wrapped up in my towel, with the lights off and the curtains drawn.

But more likely, I'd probably be kind of depressed, or at work, or something like that, so I shouldn't take my mommy madness, uhm, moments, for granted for a second.

But eating out of the pot would be excellent, as I'd likely still have that broken dishwasher ...


  1. I so have been there! I did eat out of the pot tonight. I had visions of cooking a grand dinner for the boys and I, even though Hottie Hubby was gone. Didn't happen. Bought a box mac-n-cheese, and ate from the spoon I used to serve them. Have a good night's rest. THanks for stopping by my blog last week. I love the dot template you chose. it is one of my favorite in Blogger!

  2. Just remember...the microwave is your friend! Once in a while I use it to keep the dishes at bay!

    I came over from ABC and 123.

  3. I've been there! The idea of not hearing NOGGIN in the background is a beautiful thing! LOL

  4. Thanks for the support, ladies! I appreciate knowing I am not alone. Made a casserole tonight and survived, so far, anyway!

  5. Boy, I think that all the time: "If only I could be alone for 24 hours!" But I agree with you; it would get depressing awfully fast.


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