Sunday, August 2, 2009

So "meme" doesn't only mean Grandma?

So, I have been blogging for a little while now. Some of you have wayyyy more experience than I do. Ah, who am I kidding? MOST of you have wayyyy more experience than I do.

So. What the frig is a meme?

In our house, Meme is short for Memere, which is French for Grandmother!

But from what I can guess, in blog-world, a meme is a post that you ask other bloggers to do (after you've done so yourself) and then you have them come and link to their post at the end of your post. Did I get that right?

Obviously I have been participating in two "memes," Muffin Tin Monday and Wordless Wednesday. I really don't do any other ones regularly, but sometimes come across one that works for me, so I throw a post in to get my name out there.

So, where the heck did this word come from? Why is it so popular? And well, whatever else you want to tell me about it, please, feel free! I know I could just as easily Google it or dig it up on Wikipedia, but I'm really exhausted and headed to bed. And my d@mned dryer has been running for hours. Stupid friggin thing. Broken again. Argh.

Thanks in advance for the info. Much appreciated. xox ** Me (only one!)


  1. I had wondered the same thing when I started. Let me know when you find out.

  2. OK, I'm a nerd I guess, because I looked this up when I started blogging and didn't know what a meme was. It's a practice that spreads cultural ideas, today via the internet, by people repeating that action and passing it on to one another. A scientist coined the phrase in the 70's, and at that time stated it was something transmitted verbally person to person and repeated. See? Told you I'm a nerd.

    Glad you stopped by my blog!

  3. Woo hoo! Thanks to Colleen from Mommie Daze for helping us. It's good to be nerdy. I'm a nerd, too, I'm just a lazy one these days! ;)

  4. OMG, MeMes are evil. and fun. and annoying. and addictive. have I mentioned evil? ;-)


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