Friday, August 21, 2009

Might as well face it

I'm addicted to blogging.

It's definitely fun, but the addictive side of my personality becomes connected to so many things, and blogging is the latest on that list.

I keep thinking, maybe I should change my background? But then I look at my page and am so used to how it is I wonder if changing it will make it feel like it's not me, it's not mine.
I look at various free background templates and just can't find one that I click with. Not yet, anyway. Maybe I'll have to create my own at some point. In the meantime, I'll stick with the dots.

I'm also addicted to followers. Honestly, I am writing for myself, for a release, but when the number goes up on my followers I get so excited. I'm thinking, yay! Someone found me interesting enough to actually follow!

Anyway, I enjoy reading your comments here, I enjoy reading your blogs (and those of other people, too!) and in general I really like the blogging world. It's easy to see that there are crazy popular blogs out there, crazy informative ones, and special interest blogs ... like photography, knitting, crocheting, crafting, scrapbooking, homeschooling, reading and so much more. There are what you'd define as Mommy Blogs, and although I am a mom, and I write about being a mom, I don't know if this is considered a Mom-Blog. Either way, I enjoy giving a little bit of myself here each day, sometimes more than once, and sharing the day-to-day with you all. And I hope you enjoy it enough to come back at least once!


  1. Glad you are enjoying it! I enjoy reading your posts :)

  2. I'm addicted, too. I think my family is planning an intervention :)

    I created my own background. It was fun!

    My blog started out as a 'mom blog', I guess. I still talk about my kids but I think it's more about me than them now. It's a me blog.

  3. There is nothing better than the blogging community! So glad you love it!


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