Monday, July 13, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday!

Another Muffin Tin Monday! I just created a snack-filled muffin tin for my daughter, as today's theme is Big/Little. I wasn't super creative, but I did quiz her on where the big cheeses/little cheeses were, and went on from there!

Hope you enjoy! And head on over to
Her Cup Overfloweth to check out how today's MTM originated!

I even incorporated a big/little fork, too!

There's the BIG Cheese!

She took this picture all by herself!


  1. now avocado is one thing that I haven't gotten my kids to eat yet, though they do like guac.

  2. Love the big fork/little fork idea and the avacado looks delicious!!

  3. Thanks, ladies! I wasn't overly thrilled w. my choices today, but glad I got something made up of items I know she loves. I hope to be more prepared next week, especially as she could honestly live off of dips!

  4. I love avocado too (why is it that whenever I want to comment someone has already said it? I must be very unoriginal) the two forks idea is cute. Our little one loves taking his own photos as well - yours did a good job!

  5. We could live off of avocado here. Thank goodness Wal-mart of all places actually sells them for like $1 (give or take a bit!) each, instead of the grocery stores $2+ price per/avocado! Thanks for coming by, everyone!


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