Friday, July 3, 2009

I really love ice cream!

I love ice cream. I swear I would eat it several times a day, if I could do so without worrying about calories and such. Alas, I'm not that lucky, but I still love my ice cream, for dessert, for a snack, for ME! ME! ME!

I'm prompted to write this tonight as I just enjoyed some Starbucks Java Chip, or something like that. Now, Starbucks appears to have changed their ice cream packaging, because the ice cream I got was a teeny, tiny pint. And when I was pregnant a few years ago, I could live off their ice cream for like a week or two, or even more! And I ate it every night. It made the baby quite excited when I had my 10:30pm treat. She would move around shortly thereafter, enjoying her daily dose of sugar and a drop of caffeine. Ah, well, no pregnancy excuse these days, but I can still enjoy some dessert!

But ice cream is SO not just for dessert, ya know? I mean, what better way to cool off during the day than an Eskimo Pie ice cream pop? Or to drive over to DQ and get yourself a Blizzard? Speaking of, I'm not always a chocolate ice cream fan, but I've been dying to try their brownie explosion Blizzard, or whatever it's called, since I saw the commercial where the kids have it DVRd and they press play when the mom walks in the room. If you haven't seen it yet, you have to check it out.

***Side note: So while I was trying to find it online I found several hilarious DQ commercials, I may have to start a whole new post to share them!

So anyway, tonight I finished the Java Chip pint off, added some colored sprinkles (Marbles Mix-Ins -- I'm all about the coupons, ladies!) and some ReddiWhip. Made me as happy as a clam (whoever invented that saying must have been an interesting person, I mean, who really knows how happy a clam IS?) and finished off my night.

And on that note, off to bed I go. Sweet dreams, everyone! I know I'll be having some!

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