Monday, June 15, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance ... dance ... dance ...

Does anyone else just love this show? I'm seriously addicted to it. I might love it as much as, or more than (GASP!) American Idol! Not that I could ever love any judge more than Simon, but still, it is really great.

I haven't been watching it since the very first episode ever. I'm pretty sure I even made fun of it when I first saw the ads. But I got sucked in, kind of like what happened with AI when the first episode I watched was the finale of the first season. But a little bit later!

So I started by watching Season 2, and absolutely loving crazy and quirky Benji. And even Travis. And anyone else who danced with them (sort of) or as well as them.

And then Season 3 came along and I LOVED Sabra. But she fell off the face of the earth after winning. Or so it seems. She and Dominic were too cute together. He's doing pretty well, and, again, I have no idea what she's doing. But still, I'm glad she won.

And last season, Oh how I loved me some Joshua. What a man. What a dancer. What a man and a dancer. The music kept getting better and better, the dances were better and better (although I missed Shane Sparks, but I'm glad he did the first group routine of this [current!] season (Yay!)

So I look forward to my addiction returning. I'm into it already, but get even more so as the season progresses. And, major bonus, it'll be back again in the fall! What more could a fan want?

So sit back, get yourself a pair of earplugs or have your hand on the mute button, cause it's about ready to start ... enjoy!


  1. SYTYCD is my favorite show by far! I love it, I can hardly wait every week for it to be on. I was so glad Joshua won last year he was definitely the best. I am definitely addicted!

  2. Oh yay! I don't know how I didn't know this about you, but I'm so excited now we can talk about it!!! I LOVED Joshua, too.


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