Sunday, June 28, 2009

So sad tonight.

I'm so terribly sad tonight. A friend of mine lost her husband today. He hadn't been ill for very long, but cancer travels fast and doesn't mess around. It's terribly tragic and horribly sad, and I wish peace and strength for her and her family. Most especially for her and her two little boys.

When I heard the news I started to well up. A little over a year ago we spent the day with their family, grilling, drinking, enjoying the summer-y weather. They found out in April that he was sick, the doctors gave him a year. What do the doctors know?

It's horrible to even consider their loss. He was only 32.

Please throw some thoughts of strength and love into the universe tonight for their family. And extra prayers if you have some. And hold your own family a little tighter tonight. I know I already have.

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