Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm a reading machine!

For some reason right now I'm tearing through books. I enjoy reading, it's not a secret, and when I find the right kind of light and fluffy book, I'm all set.

So far I have touched my summer reading list and read the following books:

* A Summer Affair, by Elin Hilderbrand

* Still Alice, by Lisa Genova
* True Love and Other Lies, by Whitney Gaskell
* She, Myself & I, by Whitney Gaskell

I'm not finished with the last one, as I just started it last night, but it's a quick chick-lit read, so I should be done by the end of today or tomorrow at the very latest.

I'd love to fill you in but my daughter is in the kitchen screaming her head off saying "THIS ONE! I NEED THIS ONE!" about a bubble wand. I mean, seriously? Is it THAT important that you can't wait 30 seconds? Oy. Motherhood is great. It realllllly, reallllllly is.

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