Sunday, May 31, 2009

What did we do today?

Do you ever have that kind of moment? Where you're reflecting on your day and have no recollection of where you went or what you did? I know I should be in bed, but I wanted to come down and remember to charge my camera. And then suddenly I realized I should load some pictures into my iPhoto collection. And so I figured I'd say hi, while I was at it. And here I am.

With little recollection of what we did today.

Ah, yes. Remembering backwards. We brought Dexter to the kennel around the corner, before that we were out and about, and we had some lunch at Brixx (yummy pizza, btw) and then this morning we were at the RBC Center watching ELMO and the Sesame Crew growing up! It was a great experience watching *I* at her first event of this kind. She had fun, got distracted, so it was great to be in a box/suite to keep her contained. Proved she's not ready for a movie just yet, but that she enjoyed her Sesame friends, and often called out, "Where Elmo?" and "Where Big Bird?"

Here are a few pics of the event. Imagine that this is what our lives have come to, and yet, we had about as much fun as she did!

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