Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So I went to the doctor today to figure out what to do about my inability to breathe through my nose. Yeah, it's allergy related, yeah, it sucks something awful, and oh yeah, one of the side effects of the medication they're giving me is that it will make me really HUNGRY!

WHAT? Nobody asked me if that was okay. Nobody checked to see if being hungry was an acceptable side effect of a medication. I mean, yeah, it'll be nice to finally breathe again, but hungry all the time? And mean, let's not forget mean. Some of my mommy friends have told me that it has made them or people they know really mean. Or maybe they were just too friggin hungry?

So great. Here I am, stuffed beyond belief and ready to be unfulfilled beyond belief? Seriously? Who comes up with these meds and how can I talk to them and explain that hunger is not something acceptable to a mommy of a two-year-old who has been trying to lose weight since I was like -- six? eight? ten? Something along those lines.

Anyway, I start tomorrow. So if I start posting really mean things, well, forgive me. I guess I can blame it on my meds.

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