Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I order my groceries online!

Am I a true Southern girl? I don't know, but I am surely taking advantage of this opportunity to purchase my groceries from the convenience of my own home, place my order and have my hubby pick them up on his way home from work, all within a few hours time.

Like today, I placed my order a few minutes ago, as the deadline for same day pick-up is 3PM. My order is in, and I will get a call from my "personal shopper" later today if there are any issues with items that are not available, or if they need to swap something out, like the flavor of muffins or ice cream I picked!

I have been doing really well at making sure my husband has my coupons with him so he can have them credited towards the next online orde, but since we've been out of town for a little bit I have fallen behind on my organizing and so today I tried to purchase items already on sale (with my membership card) and/or things I normally wouldn't have a coupon for anyway. I got my order down under $100, and I also had a $9 credit from last time's Qs. Not bad for a day's work, right?

And now I get to go sit down without having to try to stuff my toddler into one of those carts with the steering wheels, with the hopes that she will actually stay put without screaming her head off, and never-mind the endless possibilities of heck she could inflict on us getting her in and out of the car seat twice. Whew. What a relief! Lowe's Food-To-Go, how I love you so!

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