Friday, March 27, 2009

My hair is ...

Everything to me. My hair is my confidence, my security blanket, a part of who I am. I'm the "red-head," the strawberry blonde girl. That's me. It's who I am. On several occasions I have chopped it off for charity, and I have been planning to do that again soon. I still have a ponytail from when I last did this almost three years ago (it doesn't go bad, but it is pretty tacky of me, I know!) and really want to do it again. But right now, although I probably have ten inches to cut off, I'm not ready. I'm enjoying the long hair of my youth. I'm not in my late teens or early twenties anymore, not by a long-shot, but I'm happy with my crazy long hair, just the same.

Just look at some changes over the past years, and you'll see I go from long to super short, and then somewhere in between until I let it grow out again. It's just how I roll when it comes to my hair. No crazy styles, no dramatic changes, just chop it off in one fell swoop and I'm good to go.

Summer 2002 ... Before:

And after:
Trip to Antigua (I forget exactly when ... March of '03? '04?)

Taken when I was first pregnant and didn't know it ... in June 2006:

Taken shortly after she was born, February 2007:

Taken in November 2007:

Most recent shot taken this past month:

For now, I'll hold onto my precious locks, because I kind of like who I see when I look in the mirror. But the day will come when I turn around and I'm ready for the change again. And it'll be gone! Poof! Off to make some little girl's day, I hope. :)

**Me (of the long-haired persuasion!)

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