Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another day ...

So, another day in sunny, breezy NC. Is it normal to look at my exposed arms after about 15 minutes in the afternoon sun in my backyard and think I see more freckles? More color? Is that even possible? I'm just not sure. I mean, I look at my daughter, we're both wearing baseball caps ... me, my aforementioned Redneck one, she's wearing a Bass Pro cap, as well. Her cap is definitely too big for her, but she looks adorable in it. It's pink, white and blue, with flowers and butterflies on it. No mistaking that she's a little girl, FINALLY! So, like I was saying, it's definitely too big on her. Which would be cute if we only let her wear it in our backyard. But, no, she wears it out and about, too. In fact, she wore it to the hockey game the other night! Hubby said she looked like she was from Maine (where he's originally from,) but I think she looks totally NC. 100%. Which she is. 100%. I often wonder what her accent will sound like. Her mom being from Brooklyn, her dad from Maine, and she was born here. Will she sound like a Northern-Southern mix? I guess we'll wait and see. For now she sounds like a mini-Italian/Jewish mother. ;) Wonder where she gets that from?

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