Thursday, May 2, 2019

Life Takes Hold

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Hello, friends.

I have not written in a while.

Quite possibly over a month. Maybe longer?

Life took hold of me and didn't let go.

I'm quite active on social media.

You know how that goes.

It's my norm.

Facebook is where I talk to all the people.

Twitter is where I talk about whatever crosses my feed.

And Instagram is the new home away from home.

And on all but Facebook I've experienced my own radio silence over the last month.


I honestly couldn't say.

Because life takes hold, I suppose.

I'm a writer.

I always have been.

I always will be.

I don't have to have my words on a page or screen or whatever other format there might be to say as much.

And yet.

I do.

Because I miss it. I miss writing and updating and sharing and so much more.

So much so that I'm here now. Asking you to invite me back into your space.

Or, well, really, truly, I've returned to my own and I'm asking you to accept my invitation to come back by, have a seat, join me for some coffee or tea - and no worries - I have something stronger if you choose. I'll even bake cookies. I may not eat any, I go through stages of avoidance of certain foods as I've learned more over the years, and even recent months that my body doesn't do well with them. Or without limitations of them.

But I ramble and I sound like the kind of person who can't make changes to my eating without announcing it to the world, right? But aren't we all that person? (Indeed.)

Life takes hold, y'all.

And when you're a single woman in her 40s (fine, late 40s) it's quite an interesting adventure when you choose to journey out into the world of dating apps. If you want to see more of what I've seen? Head to my Instagram stories and click the Still Single or Fishing4Dates highlights. And. Uh. Enjoy?

I'm also trying to read a bit more, and looking forward to getting back to discussing books with you, friends. Because there's no greater escape for me than a wonderfully written book.

But - alas - life takes hold.

And Game of Thrones took the place of alllll the books for a short bit.

And I was introduced to that show by a guy. A guy I met on a dating app.

See? Everything comes back around.

Anyway - I look forward to reconnecting with all of you. And seeing what you've been up to. And where you, too, have been "hiding" for a bit.

It's time for me to take hold of life for a change. And use my time as I so choose.

Join me?


  1. Girl. April was a BEAST. I'm glad we can stay connected through social, though, even when we're silent on our sites.

  2. I am not onlinras much so rely on your newsletters. Glad to hear you will be writing again. Life happens, and for me we have so many projects here at the house. We have remodeling to do which we do ourselves.

  3. looking forward to your writing. we're pretty well connected. ;)



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