Tuesday, January 8, 2019


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I have never done a word for the year before.

I often thought about it. Figured, what better way than to pick a word to focus on as I faced a brand new year? Different than resolutions. More flexible. More relaxed. Just one simple word.

But nope.

Never happened.

And then this year came along.

At the end of 2018 I found myself making plans for 2019.

Stating out loud, ensuring I was heard, that I was going to travel more in the new year.

That I was going to bring my daughter to somewhere beyond Maine, New York, or Florida.

Three states she'd definitely been to and could easily get to again.

I want to travel with her.

And without her.

I want to ensure that she sees me taking off and doing things on my own - knowing with certainty that I am capable, and when the time comes, she will be JUST as capable of doing so herself.

And then I thought, where will we go?

We have friends in so many places. A community to call our own.

I do. She does. Our family does.

So many options.

Would I toss a dart at a map?

Spin a globe and drop my finger onto it while it was twirling by?

I won't be that relaxed about it - but I WILL make it happen.

As for me, I already have two conferences scheduled in the coming months. One in Maine and one in Nashville. The one in Maine will be in a place I have never really explored. The other, a dream destination of mine. What more could I ask for?

Lots, honestly.

Which is where the shift in my word came in.

You've seen the title of this post. You know where this is headed.

I've changed my word from travel to explore.


I don't know, exactly.

Because it's my word and I'm allowed to do whatever I want?

Because it's more encompassing of the things I want to experience in this 46th year of my life?

Because it just means so much more, as I can do some exploration in my own backyard, if I choose.

So. Travel remains a focus. I want to travel. I WILL travel.

But I will also explore.

I will find places that bring out the awe in me.

People who bring out the best in me. Or the worst. Who knows?

And I will find my way through this year with all that I am and all that I have.

Sounds like a vow, doesn't it?


A vow to myself.

A promise.

To do.

To be.

To explore.


  1. I think you need to explore the DC area...ahem.

  2. Have fun exploring tangible places and places important to your heart.


  3. Love this word for you. I have a trip to New Orleans on my vision board for this year. I put it out there because I want to make it happen.

  4. I adore this - and you - my friend! Finding the strength and courage to move beyond your comfort zones is such an amazing goal. I can't wait to see where you go!


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