Thursday, January 11, 2018

Motherhood Is ...

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Good morning, y'all.

It's barely 7:30 and I'm ready for a nap.

My morning was, for lack of a better and more gentle word, interesting.

My morning was motherhood.

And if you're not this mom you may be wondering - what exactly does she mean?

Allow me to share this morning's definition of motherhood with you.

Motherhood is ...

Oversleeping despite setting about 8-10 alarms for yourself.

Waking up to Justin Bieber's voice because you haven't figured out why the other songs on your phone won't show up when you set an alarm. [That's just a sidebar, really, but come on. I'm tired of the Biebs.]

Running throughout the house wondering why your child no longer has socks or underwear in mass quantities despite knowing you've purchased enough to suit a small army.

Motherhood is ...

Being reminded about the science fair about twenty minutes before school starts, although you've asked the question as many as five times since the robocall 'informed' you about it.

Trying to figure out who the school Girls on the Run coordinator is because your child told you last night and it's a name you've never heard in all six years at the same school.

Motherhood is ...

Watching your child in the most perfect cozy white snuggly hoodie as she drops blue food coloring into the canola oil - or some kind of oil - you thought was open but she just opened as you held your breath. 

Insisting that your child have to go to school without said combination because the rush and instant desire left you with a blob-filled container of blue oil and water. Sort of. 

Motherhood is ...

Explaining much of this to your child's father as he waits, patiently, outside to take her to school.

Actually believing you can make it work for your child to participate in Girls on the Run while immediately Ubering or Lyfting her to karate right after. Twice a week. Maybe.

Motherhood is ...

Pouring yourself a glass of apple cider (non-alcoholic) on top of the rest of your child's cider, only to realize halfway through that she *may* have poured some random water into that cup before trying a last minute science fair project with about three minutes to go before walking out the door. 

Motherhood is ...

Finishing that apple cider anyway, because the thought of more dishes, glasses, cups and whatnot is too much to bear. 

Motherhood is ...

A heartbeat that won't slow down, even twenty minutes after that amazing child of yours has left the house. (Deep breaths.)

Motherhood is ...

The best and the worst of everything rolled into one.

Motherhood is ...

All of it. 

Motherhood is ...

Lots of laughter. But also hoping to avoid tears. 

Motherhood is ...

Nighttime snuggles and reminders that change is difficult and emotional but okay all at the same time. 

Motherhood is ...

Reassurances that memories come with you wherever you go.

Motherhood is ...

Chaotic and anxiety-producing.

And yet.

I wouldn't change a thing. 

* Except I'd really try and never sleep through those alarms. Because I like having a moment to breathe with my kid in the morning. *

Motherhood is my heart outside my body.

Motherhood is love. 


  1. Love the last sentence so much. Hugs.

  2. Motherhood is doing the best you can and getting up the next day and doing it all over again. And Love.

    Hope you've had a better day since then.



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