Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Motherhood: Simple Joys

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We've been running and running this past week. Or at least it seems like it. We did have some downtime over the weekend, so that was good - if not dull, due to overcast skies and whatnot.

But today we're home.

Me and the kiddo.

And the dogs. And cats. But who really sees the cats during the day?

Anyway, we're home. And it's hot as Hades out there.

I'm talking humid and hot and gross and who wants to step outside but we really should get at least a little bit of sunlight because being inside all day will make us both cranky and just - GAH - get out there and breathe in the sunshine, right?

And yes, we were outside last night for several humid hours.

Waiting and waiting and waiting for the fireworks.

And waiting.

And then we connected with some fireworks waiting neighbors and my husband knew one of them and the little girl with them kept my daughter entertained for hours. Or the other way around, more likely, but it felt this way to me because we had the tablet with us and she spent all the time playing with bubbles and poppers (or whatever those things are called, you know the ones), and cookies and glow-stick necklaces and wands.

And we watched fireworks. Lots of them.

Really pretty and beautiful fireworks. The grand finale was a beast of a show - so fun to watch.

And we came home and fell into sleep late and woke up late today and here we were. Inside on this hot and humid summer day.

And I already found myself feeling guilty.

Because motherhood, man. It just does that to a girl.

I felt guilty because she wasn't in camp this week.

And because I don't drive.

And because she doesn't have friends in the neighborhood we can simply call up and hang out with or invite over. They're more the 'play outside when everyone is out there' kind of friends.

And I felt guilty for letting her sit on the tablet for a bit, even though she's creating Minecraft skins or designs or something that I don't truly understand even though I did try this time. I even looked something up for her on my very own laptop. Truth.

Guilt is a beast. Even though yesterday before the fireworks she and I went to see Finding Dory together and I've promised to take her to see The BFG this week.

And even though we'll be visiting family throughout the summer and she has so much planned and before you know it it will be August and school will be starting again.

But guilt.

So, what to do?

It's hot. Remember?

And she says to me, maybe - hesitation - maybe we can go outside and do water play for a while?

And I say sure.

I swear her eyes lit up just a bit.

So we ate leftover pizza - because summer equals minimal cooking and she and I went into the backyard and turned on the hose and were out there for an hour, maybe? Maybe longer. I honestly didn't check. And I left my phone inside - so I have no pictures. But I have the snapshots in my mind and heart and I know she will remember the day we just went outside in our clothes and soaked ourselves silly and she rescued all the worms (dayum, why are there so many worms?) and the dogs came in and out a few times but didn't like the water and we ran into an air conditioned house and got all chilly so we headed upstairs and drip-dried and changed into our second outfits of the day.

And now?

Now, even though it's hotter 'n heck outside?

We're gonna bake some cookies.

So, mamas and daddies out there? Remember something really extremely important about this parenting thing. Sometimes? It's the simple joys that matter most.


  1. Isn't that just the truth? Sometimes you just have to be in the moment and do what your inner self tells you to do and definitely NOT beat yourself up for being a bad parent. Because there is no way YOU are a bad parent. Being on the other side of the parenting gig gives me some perspective perhaps. Are there some things I would like a do-over on? Absolutely. But when it all is said and done I just really remember those good times when I just spent time with the boys with absolutely no agenda or playbook. Best times ever. Just like soaking each other outside on a really hot day and making cookies together just because. You rock.

  2. Great reminder! As the mom of 5 and mom mom to 13, when I ask them their favorite memories, they always tell me little things like this. So many of them involve summer and water and simple times together.

  3. A back-yard soaking and cookies?! Sounds like a large slice of heaven to me!


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