Thursday, February 11, 2016


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It's rough. It's hard to find motivation when you want to write about all the things but you can't figure out where to begin.

I've spent much of the start of 2016 slacking. Working - yes - but when it comes to my own words? Slacking.

Not today, though. Today I'm feeling it.

And I have one person to thank.


I'm crazy. I know. But I'm listening to Formation on repeat and I'm moving.

Not just moving my body, which yes, I suppose I'm doing in my chair - chair dancing is so a thing, y'all - but I'm moving my fingers across the keys and I'm bustin' hard. Working at it. Trying to submit to all the places. I don't know what happened between yesterday and today, but I feel it this morning and I might not get up out of my chair at all. Except to refill my coffee mug, but that counts for motivation and fuel and whatnot, right?

This is a free write post, as if you couldn't tell already. And no, I haven't had a gallon of coffee yet. Just one cup. I need more, but you'd think I'm over-caffeinated if you were watching me type this.

So, what's happening in my world?

I'm coming off of my daughter's ninth birthday yesterday, which is an incredible thing to experience. She's nine. One year away from double-digits. Yow. Can't imagine it and yet, I see it already. All the things. The teenage tone with the baby twinkle in her eyes. It's all happening already. We've been enjoying each day and it's been a good few weeks.

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my annual physical.

You guys? It was a great visit. All my hard work over the past 6 months? It's working. It really is. All my numbers are good and even though I should not be focused on the scale I've got a wayyy lower number now in comparison to July, which was the visit that might have changed all the things. I don't know. I just know it's good and it's happening and so I treated myself to a donut for breakfast with some chamomile tea after my appointment.

But no worries. I'm not falling down the sugar rabbit hole, promise. And yes, I did have birthday cake last night with my daughter. But I'm good. I'm not itching for more or anything. In fact, breakfast today was leftover Hibachi. Chicken and veggies and some rice. Mostly onions, though. So yeah, not sweet at all.

I did a second round of Whole30 in January and that certainly helped bring the numbers down. If you're looking for some information on my Whole30 Experience I have it for you. And I have my post-Whole30 mindset written out for you, as well. I'm planning on a few recipe posts for the blog at some point, because I'd like you to see things that I eat that are my new go-to foods. And meals. And so forth.

And I know I'm rambling, but that's what today feels like for me.

There has been so much in the news this week, from Beyoncé to Cam Newton, that left me passionately speaking up on social media. Move from that to Trump and Cruz, Sanders and Clinton, and how the candidates are scary and motivating all at once. Politics in general is something else. People have so much to say. Many of them say scary scary things. But right now I think I'll save that for another post. I have a lot to say and don't usually get political here on the blog - I keep that for friends and family and focus on life in general - but this election year is a pretty big one. And there's so much happening out there that maybe it's time for me to not keep my mouth (fingers?) shut on it all. We'll see.

If you haven't been keeping up with my writing outside of this space, you can check out my where to find me page and see that I've been over at the Postpartum International Blog quite often in 2016, and am going to be submitting more content to them soon. I'm also working over at Midlife Boulevard and you'll find me posting there tomorrow, too. Check out some the recent images, I'm branching out into that aspect of work for a bit. I'm kind of proud of my accomplishments - which isn't always easy to say - and it's also hard to feel like I'm braggity bragging - which I'm not, but I am. But what's wrong with that? Why is it so hard for women (especially women) to say thank you when they receive a compliment? Or to self-promote in a way that looks like they're excited about what they have done, with a touch of bragging, but not going overboard. And who cares if they do go overboard? Who defines overboard, anyway?

Okay, that's enough of that for right now. I'm kind of overheating because there are people here checking our heating system out and I had to raise the house temp to eighty degrees for a few minutes and I'm about to self-combust from it. Or start stripping. Which I likely won't do. Good thing I didn't start that second cup of coffee yet. I'd be melting from the inside out.

So - tell me - what's new by you?

*Oh! btw. pssst. you - over there - yes, YOU! - If you haven't checked out my t-shirt in the pic up top - it's a #warriormom tee from Postpartum Progress. I'm proud to be a Warrior Mom and excited (counting down the days excited!) to attend their second conference in Atlanta in October. If you want to know more head on over to these posts:

This is My Sisterhood.

I am a Warrior.

Let's Talk About Privilege.

Ask me anything if you want more info. I'm happy to direct you to the right people if I don't happen to have the answers for you.

Peace out, y'all. Go on and SLAY.


  1. Rock on, Warrior Mom! And congrats on the new and better numbers, and the great job you're doing for Midlife Boulevard!

  2. Great to read about everything that is going on! Glad you got your writing muse back---sometimes it just takes a little vacation. :-)

  3. 9 is a lovely age and you must be proud mom, Andrea. So good to know you're doing well. Keep the Warrior Mom flag flying high!


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