Monday, October 20, 2014

Born Just Right: Support Camp No Limits

I had the luck of meeting Jen Lee Reeves last year at a blogging bootcamp in Disney World. We didn't have the chance to speak all that much, but crossed paths a few times and probably saw one another more outside the conference than during.

I had heard of her, was following her on social media, and thought - oooh - she knows her stuff. And then I got to know her, and she turned out to be sweet and funny and someone I could actually like. And I love that!

When Jen put out a call for some assistance in spreading the word about a fundraiser she's supporting I knew that helping out would be easy. A post for a friend? Supporting an incredible organization? Absolutely.

Jen's daughter Jordan was born with one hand. She has one full arm and hand and her left arm stops after the humerus. Jen has been blogging since before Jordan was born, but after delivery she decided to continue to chronicle her journey as a mom. Her website, Born Just Right, tells their story. The primary focus of the site and her writings serves as a reminder that everyone is just right. As they are. Jen's writing also offers insight from the perspective of the parenting side of limb differences. Her daughter (now 8) also shares her thoughts on the site from time-to-time.

Every year Jen and her family focus on helping to raise funds for Camp No Limits. This camp is a camp for children with limb differences and their families. The camp originated in Maine (yay, Maine! - my husband is from there and the ILs are there. BEAUTIFUL state!) in 2004 and currently holds camps in Idaho, Missouri, California, Maryland and Florida, just a few of their eleven locations. The camp allows children of all ages and their families to spend four days receiving support and having amazing experiences.

The camp's mission is to educate and empower young people with limb loss to discover and develop a healthy, happy and independent lifestyle. The vision of Camp No Limits is to be the leading camp for young people with limb loss, in the US and abroad, recognized for camper satisfaction, age specific physical and social skill development, amputee education and peer support.

* Info obtained from the Camp No Limits About Us page

Below you'll find a shot of a bunch of the attendees circling together during camp. You can quickly tell that the camaraderie is incredible. Helping a child/family attend this camp would be an honor, honestly. The experience is sure to be incomparable to any other.

Jen and Jordan attend camp regularly, but it costs $500 to send one family to camp for four days. So she works hard at helping to raise money to support other families who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend.

And that's where we come in.

Many families are unable to afford Camp No Limits. They need our help. So, Jen is asking for it. But she's not asking us to give something and get nothing. She's established this amazing raffle where for $5 we could easily win a prize. Donate more and receive more entries. Do it - it's worth it. You'll feel GREAT and have a chance to win great things. Head on over to Born Just Right to check out the prizes!

I've got the giveaway details and form right here for you. It's so easy. A simple $5 donation. Skip your morning latte for one day. Easy peasy. Support Jordan's friends. Give them a chance to have the experience of a lifetime. They'll be grateful. So will Jen. And so will I.

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Camp No Limits is a 501 (c)(3) organization. If you would prefer to make a tax deductible donation directly to the organization you can do so over on the Camp No Limits Donate page.


  1. What a wonderful opportunity for those kids and their families. I hope this fundraiser is a success!

  2. What a great way to support your friend! Also an innovative way to raise money! As an event planner and fundraiser, it important to find a cause that your passionate about and raise awareness! Kudos to you! Wishing you all the success!

  3. I love that you're supporting your friend. This is such a wonderful organization that people can get the support they need.

  4. I shared this post. I hope it helps and that they are able to raise enough money.

  5. You;re awesome for doing this. Shared as well.

  6. Great information on truly wonderful cause.

  7. So glad that I read this and could contribute. What a wonderful cause.


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