Sunday, September 28, 2014

Type-A Conference: 140 Characters

If you've ever read my post-conference posts you already know I tend to take a lot of notes by using Twitter. I just do. It's a great way to promote the conference and to ensure that you don't lose your notes. I started after my very first blog conference back in 2011 (which, psst, happened to be Type-A!).

Because the Internet is forever - right?

A few of my own tweets throughout the weekend that sum up new information, intense thoughts and more of what I walked away with. #typeacon hashtags removed because, well, redundant!

And I'm working backwards because that's the way I'm accessing my twitter feed. It's how we do!

At the town hall: 

My personal experience is mine. Much of what I write is for me. The worst thing I could do is compare my content to someone else's.

At Thom Singer's keynote:

I challenge myself to find three NEW people to connect with post-conference. I have many in my network and expanding that is always critical.

Somebody has to put the pieces together for there to be a "wow" moment.

Face-to-face engagement is exactly what brings me to Type-A. I need my peeps.

Networking is not really a bad thing. People have different perceptions of what networking is.

During Sonja Foust's VIP session:

Getting tips on how to get yourself unstuck and avoid/clear up the writer's block.

Cut out the things that distract you, that you do not need, so you can get what you need to do done.

Have a routine for yourself when you sit down to write? Create or maintain one to help get yourself in the zone.

During David Griner's session on clickbait:

Learning about clickbait, headlines and why they need to be legit. No false promises, no teases without substance. Be intriguing but be real.

Community Building Panel (comments I've tweeted quoting panelists are attributed to said panelist): 

Don't close your comments. Didn't you start blogging to talk to people? It's not all about Facebook.

Our incredible panelists encourage us to start our own small communities. Micro-communities.

Tauni Everett: 

I wish I would have looked like a CEO from the start.

If you are truly a member of your community you will know where they are and know where you need to go. 

Every email I send has a call to action. I don't send an email that doesn't have relevance to my audience.

Walk away with a group of 5-10 people to network with so you can support one another.

Adrianna Domingos-Lupher: 

Before you create a community, LISTEN online. Bring something new to the table. Elevate conversation.

Expect, as a community leader, to get some backlash.

Everybody likes to be an expert on something. Don't be afraid to follow your community and allow them to solve something for you.

Use Facebook to promote things that will get people OFF of Facebook.

Anne Parris:

If it doesn't benefit your reader in some way you won't get engagement. It's not about us (the leaders) it's about them.

I'm uncomfortable having my community based on land I don't own (ie: FB).

You have to make the person who is not happy with what you are doing feel heard. Take interest in that negative comment.


I definitely did some learning at some of the other sessions I attended and a lot of that is in my handy-dandy-trusty-notebook. Despite all this social media business I am still very much a pen and paper kind of girl.

So - stay tuned. I still want to write a post about Women Get Social, also, because that section of the notebook is beyond full and I'd love to share some of that wisdom with y'all.

In the meantime, were you at Type-A? What tweet best sums up the conference for you? Share it here!


  1. Such great comments. Truly Type A is amazing.... its great to connect with such amazing people who want to help everyone succeed. Keep your tweets coming.

  2. Hello there, Andrea! I think your post is timely, is. The most important concept I brought away from Type-A 2014 was one you touched upon. The idea of, "My House; My Land."

    Putting valuable resources and effort into Social Media is fine as long as one places the oxygen mask on themselves first. In other words, posting to one's own web site traffic must be the priority, then blossoming out to Social Media can follow. But, to promote and solely build up Internet real estate that one doesn't own is shortsighted, almost foolhardy.

    We control our own web space, but the rug can be pulled out from under us anywhere else: here today, gone tomorrow.

    I enjoyed your Tweets, IRL and the recap here in your post. As Julie Franklin says, "Keep 'em comin'." Much Love, Fondly, Robin

  3. I love the idea of organizing your thoughts via Twitter--like you said, the internet is forever!!

    I've always wanted to go to a conference, but most of them are WAY off (like half the country away), and I can't justify spending a good portion of my year's travel budget on something that doesn't include my hubby or daughter. Still, the idea of talking about blogging for multiple days straight makes me SO happy--I will be going to a conference some day! :)

  4. Thank you for the recap! I really want to attend a conference maybe next year!

  5. Have you ever been to BlogHer? How does Type A compare?

  6. It was great finally being able to meet you Andrea! Will you be going to Bloggy Bootcamp next month?

  7. I'm reading a lot of positive comments from the Type-A Conference. I hate that I'm missing these great events. Interfacing with other bloggers and your readers is such an excellent way to build your brand.

  8. That Anne Parris - she's a smart one. And not just because she's my business partner :)

  9. Thank you so much for summing up and giving these great tips!!

  10. I'm beyond thrilled to be quoted! Thanks, babe!

  11. I've heard so many great things about TypeA and hope to be able to attend in the future.

    I love 'I wish I looked like a CEO from the start' that can be such a big thing...the look. I think your look is a part of your brand and personality and beng unique while still being you is so important.

  12. Type A really seems like a great conference! You learned so so much! Love looking through this recap!

  13. So fun to be able to participate in this great event. I am glad you enjoyed our community panel! xoxo

  14. I WILL go to a blogging conference soon. Probably in a year where I'm NOT planning and paying for a wedding. So 2016, here I come! Also, LOVE the new look!


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