Friday, August 29, 2014

I have no post title.

I've tried to title this post like ten times.


What makes me happy?

Finding the positives.

Meh. They all kind of suck.

I figure y'all like me better if I'm honest and true to myself. So - I have no post title today. Have at it. If you have one? Send it my way. Maybe I'll change it to your idea. Maybe I'll reward you with never-ending gratitude. Or somethin'. *wink*

Seems these days that there is so much flying around Facebook that prompts me to write blog posts. I've been nominated a handful of times (okay, fine, maybe two?) to do the positivity challenge aka things I'm grateful for and although I have not written a blog post in - oh - say a week or so - I'm thinking about the things in my life I'm happy about.

I usually write things that make me pour my heart out in a way that covers sadness.

And these last few days I've been missing my dad like a son-of-a-gun, so a few happy thoughts thrown in would be for very good measure, I think. Don't you?

happiness, motherhood, enjoyable moments

So, up there ^^ you'll see a few things I'm pretty sure my daughter experienced this week as her happy moments.

here are a few I shared with friends on Facebook, and then a ton more that make me smile.

What brings you happiness and joy? Stop by Good Girl Gone Redneck on Facebook and let me know!

* family
* watching my daughter sleep
* the feeling I get after working with clients
* country music (fine, some country music)
* my fellow warrior mamas
* upcoming conference plans
* nail polish creativity
* a 3-day weekend = family time
* college friends
* iced coffee
* a good cry (because sometimes you have to)
* fall television starting up soon
* connections that go back as far as you can remember
* writing
* the tooth fairy
* pumpkin spice lattes
* the brief moments it feels like fall
* my fur-babies
* a full heart
* friends I've only met a handful of times but feel like I've known forever
* being out on the water
* a beautiful sunset
* General Hospital (what? I can't help it!)
* smiling
* a true pee-your-pants kind of laugh
* the hug of an old friend
* holding my Momma's hand ... or my daughter's
* volunteering

And there you have it. A good handful and then some of the good things in my every day life.

Want to share some of yours? Leave me a few in the comments. I'd love to hear from you.

TGIF, y'all!


  1. Laughing really hard is the best. And it is such a beautiful day outside today -- that makes me very happy. Wish I could feel the same when the cold and gray comes.

  2. Mines would be my family, laughter, travel, drinking tea, smoothies, beaches, sleeping, blogging, and so much more. Have a Happy Labor Day Weekend! Oh yeah, that makes me happy too, a 3 day weekend!!!!

  3. The things that make me happy are finding a new favorite book (I'm pretty picky so this doesn't happen as often as I'd like), watching my daughter learn something new, date nights with my husband, and travel (times a billion).

  4. You've got a great list of things that make you happy. And I like that you have no post title. =0)

  5. Seeing my two girls healthy and happy makes me happy. Can't ask for more than that.

  6. My Kiddies laughter can always make a bad day better....

  7. This was wonderful. It's sometimes so easy to forget to be happy amidst the hard parts of life. But there are so many wonderful little things to be happy about!

  8. Happiness is relaxation, dining out, and traveling... :)

  9. I think what makes me the most happy is being true to myself.

  10. What makes me happy is being able to spend time with my family! Although some are miles apart and some are very near, we manage to make time for each other.

  11. ICed coffee is definitely my favorite! Thanks for sharing your list.

  12. I love lists of happy, they are always good! I think that's why I started doing Grateful Mondays over on my spot, just so I could remember to focus on the happy occasionally. Hope some more happy comes your way this week, and the next!

  13. What a great list...I love the beach. Just listening to the waves is my zen.


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