Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sweet Tooth, Tim Anderson ~ book review

* I received a copy of this book from TLC Book Tours to facilitate my review. 
All opinions are completely my own. *

Sweet Tooth is an interesting read. Tim Anderson starts us off with a tumultuous time in his life. 

He finds out that he has Diabetes, and thinks that there are so many reasons that this is happening to him. The one that stands out in my mind is his fear that frequent masturbation to pornographic magazines may have led to his Diabetes diagnosis. Or perhaps it's because of the inappropriate thoughts he has been having about boys? 

This young man thought that might have caused his illness. And honestly, this sounds awful. And surely it was. 

But who among us doesn't have an awful memory or two from our teen years, right? 

Maybe not as bad as this was, but those years? The awkwardness. The gawky moments. Ones when you might have wanted to crawl into a hole. Ones where the kid you were crushing on seemed completely unattainable? But you did whatever you could do to get near that kid, even if it consisted of signing yourself up for a camp you had absolutely no interest in? 

Oh, wait, that was Tim.

Tim's writing style is pretty entertaining. He easily makes fun of himself and I can pretty much tell we'd be great friends. Fine. Maybe I'm just saying that because I live in the Triangle, NC area and that's where this book is set and because now he lives in Brooklyn, and that's where I'm from and it's like we did a total reverse relocation and could totally mesh!

Oops. I got a little fan-girl there for a minute. 

I really enjoy memoirs when they're truly real. Open and honest, real, raw. That's what draws me in. Tim finds a way to segue each chapter with an incredible page or two flashing back to some of his diabetic incidents. The tone he uses and the way they're written have me imagining this young man suffering through them to the point that I can kind of see him. So that's pretty good writing. 

I'm not sure if this book is for everyone, as you have to be pretty open to the language and the topics he covers, but if you're interested I'm able to give away a copy here to one of my readers. So, give me an idea of what the title of your memoir would be if you wrote one. Leave it in the comments below and you could win. 

And consider checking out Tim to see if he's your speed. 

He's got a blog: See Tim Blog

Or you could buy your own copy of his book: Sweet Tooth: A Memoir

Or download it for Kindle (free loan to Prime members): Sweet Tooth: A Memoir, Kindle Copy

* I was provided with a copy of this book to review and given the option of giving away a copy to one of my readers. I am not being compensated for this post. This post contains affiliate links. *


  1. Doesn't sound like my subject matter but thanks for the thoughtful review.

  2. Hmmm. I keep debating whether to add this to my reading list or not. I'm low on books, but I have a feeling I'll wind up depressed even through the funny ;)

  3. I think I'd REALLY enjoy this memoir - it seems to have a great blend of humor and heart.

    Thanks for being a part of the tour!

  4. Ok so from the title and bright pink cover, this totally is not would I expect. Guess that's what I get for judging a book by its cover. Not sure this would be a book I would enjoy.that you for your honest review.


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