Sunday, July 21, 2013

Slow down? Sure. But not for five minutes.

Five minutes. Free writing. But timed.

Guess what day it is?

And ... GO!

I'm so tired this morning. The child woke up after 4AM and it was rough going for a bit. She's been dealing with some tummy issues, so I thought it was that, then she said her head hurt. Then it was her face. Then it was a nightmare? The trying to get her back to sleep was rough.

Eventually it happened. I lay beside her for a bit. It worked.

But me? Not so much. Exhausted, I went onto the iPad and putzed around. Checked Twitter and noticed how many people use things like Triberr and Tweet old post or something like that, and other apps and buffer and programs to tweet out for them while they're sleeping. It's weird. It's like there's nobody to talk to unless you want to check their links. Very off. I meant to write odd, but it's off, too.

Two minutes in.

The husband is at Caribou this AM, smartly so, and is bringing home an iced latte for me. I need coffee, stat. If I'm going to make it through the day, anyway.

Today will consist of grocery shopping and some other stff. Not sure if he's up for boating, but it might be nice to hit the water and feel the breeze.

Stuff. Not stff. Not supposed to fix typoes here. But I do. Don't tell Jana. Who would have been Hana if I didn't fix that. Ha! Or Fadra, it was her meme from the get go and her rule. I think she'd be okay with it though.

Anyway, I leave for vacation on Weds night. I get to see my college friends for a good long weekend. I could cry with the joy of it. I have not seen them in years. Ah, fun.

I'll miss my child, my husband, I'll miss a few of her camp days. But it'll be okay. Good for us all, I am guessing and hoping.

Anyone else get that pit in their stomach when they're going to fly by themselves? Or is it just me?

I think I have about a half a minute to go, so I'll stop now. Oh, also? At 4:30 AM or so? I bought a book on B&N. About slowing down the family. Stopping and smelling the roses. I read about it on Hands-Free Mama. She wrote a post about slowing down to her child's pace. Sometimes we need that reminder.

Happy Sunday, y'all!


  1. I have never been up to check twitter at that time. For some reason your posts aren't showing up anymore on my triberr feed?

  2. I've been on Twitter late at night and super early in the morning, and noticed the same thing. It is weird.

    Odd and off.

    When I do SOCSunday, I fix the typos, too. I just can't stop myself.

    I hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation.

  3. Definitely get nervous to fly alone now that I am a mom. The middle of the night child wake ups are SO TOUGH. I feel like I drag for days after!-Ashley

  4. Our girls must be channeling each other. My girl is having a bit of a go adjusting after visiting her dad and it's made for some rough nights!

    Have a wonderful trip!


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