Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

Good afternoon, world!!! Happy New Year to you all!!!

I like exclamation points, can you tell?

I'm all hyped up on sugar to look forward into the new year, and because of that I'm decidedly being either lame or amazing and bucking the trend to look back at the year that's passed us by. Maybe. I can always come back and do that if I like, right?

I'm also planning on participating in an awesome life list linky with some bloggy friends, and so I'm not going to toss a ton of ideas or resolutions out at you for the coming year. sort of kind of.

Lots of people seem to be boycotting resolutions. Saying things like 'why make 'em if you'll never keep 'em?' and how about I make one to do *this* because I know I will and what not.

I think I fall somewhere mid-spectrum.

Spectrum. Word doesn't quite roll off the tongue, does it?

So, for me, here are a few things I'm planning for the coming year.

*Disclaimer: You may or may not see some of these again on the upcoming #lifelist I'll be sharing.*

#1. Chop off my ... damn it. Did that.

Also? I don't love the after pic here. My eyes look freaked out. But my next goal for 2013 ...

#2. Get in front of the camera more. Not just headshots that I take at my MAC or my phone or whatever. Actually BE in the pictures. And kind of consider ...

#3. Taking fewer pics with my phone(s). There's no reason to document everything in that manner. And if I do decide to do so I plan to

#4. Share less of them with the entire universe. I lived a long time without facebook and was totally fine. I can do it again. (Not giving it up, but no need to share 900 pics a month. Give or take.)

#5. Participate in a Dirty Girl Mud Run. I'm registered for one in March. Notice I did not say finish. That'll fall on the #lifelist. Just to be safe.

#6. Find my word. People across the interwebs are word-crazy for the new year. I started to think of mine. First I came up with REVAMP. But then I didn't love it. I was kind of like, well, I want to revamp my physical being and be healthier, and revamp my house a bit, and my mental state now and then. But revamp is so BIG. I don't need to revamp who I am, or my heart, or some other stuff, so why use it? Nah. Then I switched to - well - I forget what. CHANGE, maybe. But that had the same weird connotations. So I was deciding on RESOLVE, but that seemed like I was cheating. And skimming off of the resolution mindset. And actual word.

So yeah. What's your word? Do you have one? Do you have one for me?

#7. Write more. 'Nuff said.

#8. Read more. Sort of. I hit 60+ books this year and am pretty happy with that. But now I have a Kindle, so I'm counting on it to bump me up a bit.

#9. Move. Not necessarily more. I don't need the stress of that. Just move. Work out. Get back into the mindset. Finish a round of C25K. Zumba my fanny off. Swim. Run. Walk. Whatever. Just do it. *Nike has not compensated me in any way at this time.

We learn almost every day that life is too short. Tell the people you love that you love them. Hug with abandon. Hold hands. Laugh. Cry. Breathe in and out. Stretch. Drink a cup of coffee or tea outside. Watch a sunrise. Try a new recipe. Write a poem. Send a letter by mail. Call an old friend just to hear their voice. Spend the day without looking in a mirror. At all. Just be. Let the wind blow your hair around and not care. Stop with the hairspray (you, not me, I haven't used it in years!). Eat something calorie-laden. Fettucine alfredo won't kill you if you have it once. Eat something healthy. There has to be a quinoa recipe that will work for you. Play the Wii with your daughter and get your ass off the computer. Like now.

Love to all. Merry Happy Peaceful Joy-filled EVERYTHING.

And a happy and healthy and blessed 2013.


  1. Fantastic post! I love your list and am totally taking some of those suggestions for myself! :) Am so hoping to link up with your fun blog link up!-Ashley

  2. Wonderful post. Great idea to sit down and write down all you want to do for the year.

  3. Love this! I am trying "under indulging" this year...still indulge in things, just not OVER indulge?! I don't know, we will see...move every day as well, which I try to do, but not so much in the winter : )

  4. Happy New Year!!! I LOVE the one word them of the year thing. I've been thinking of mine for a few days. I almost settled on "Movement" but that reminds me of bowel movement so I went to "Motion" but that wasn't it either. I decided to cheat a little and went with "Keep Moving". I just want to be making some forward progress this year--in fitness, in my writing, in so many things. I think that sums it up for me. I don't want to be static with things anymore. (and I cut off my hair in 2012, too!!)
    Happy New Year!!!
    I'm so glad that 2012 brought me you and your blog!! :) --Lisa

  5. Love this looking forward into 2013! Live more, indeed!

  6. This year my words are going to be insouciant and defenestrate.

    Oh wait, those are mine every year. Happy New Year!

  7. Great list you have going there. I'm definitely an oversharer with my pictures I have... but I guess I ask myself "why take them" if no one sees them... ;) lol

    Happy new Year! I also need to cut my flippin hair off.

  8. But my self portraits with just my face, when it's angled justso, makes me look so thin! :D

  9. Oh, I so need to get in front of the camera. There are so few pictures of me that when I'm gone, my children won't remember what I look like. Sigh.

  10. I love !!! points too! But #10 is my favorite. :) Happy SITS Sharefest!

  11. I have a word - ACT. (that is act as in action...not act as in get on stage. lol) My experience is that when you get the right word, you will know. Keep searching until it feels right.

    LOVE your #10!

    Happy New Year!

  12. I love your list! My word is Embrace! I hope to read more as well! Hope your new year is off to a great start! I want to see those Mud run pics! :)

  13. A great list! I did a mud run last year.... I am not in shape at all, so it was pretty hard, but it was fun to get dirty!

  14. Write more! On my list, too. Happy 2013!

  15. These are great!

    I'll be chopping off my hair later this spring. I already miss it ;-)

  16. Happy 2013! I think you have a really great/realistic view of what you want out of the year. I'm all about setting goals for each year, but I just make sure to keep focused on what I can actually accomplish during the year - I think too many people fall into the trap of setting overly ambitious resolutions & then give up quickly when that initial motivation fades.

    My year for the year? Balance. I want to achieve not only a better work/life balance, but also better physical balance (as I'm only of those people who's always tripping over everything). :-)

  17. Whoops. My WORD for the year, not year for the year. LOL!


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