Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Alphabet Photography ~ Product Review

I'm so excited to have the opportunity to receive an original Alphabet Photography product to review and enjoy.

If you have not yet heard about Alphabet Photography, let me give you a little introduction. Alphabet Photography is a very cool artform that allows you to create any word by using images taken that resemble letters. These images exist in a library where you go through and decide on letters that mesh together best to create the word of your choice.

While many friends reviewing this product decided to create beautiful and inspiring words, others of us chose to display family names. First, last, combined, whatever works for you they will create it out of pictures of things you see around you every day that *look* like letters.

Surely you know how it is? You see something and think, that looks like ...  fill in the blank! Well, these photographers have captured the "looks like" and enabled us to turn them into complete words of our choosing.

The artwork came bubble wrapped in a strong cardboard box. Once opened I saw that the frame was packaged carefully and beautifully as shown here:

The completed artwork reflected a variety of images from the Alphabet Photography library of choices. I must have arranged and rearranged the possibilities a dozen times before I finalized my decision.  I decided to make us a piece displaying our last name.

My mom was visiting when this arrived and she thought it was beautiful. We discussed what a perfect gift it would be for someone's new home, new baby (beautiful for the baby's room!) or as a holiday gift for someone special. Like your parents or in-laws, maybe? [Wink, nudge!]

I'm not normally of the mindset to buy myself something so seemingly extravagant, because I often feel like my home is a mish-mash of pictures and frames and more. But as elegant as this artwork is, it also blends right in with the rest of my home.

I was so pleased with my choice that my husband hung it up over our mantle the evening we opened it. Which is crazy fast in this household! It fits perfectly with our decor, and with the color scheme of our downstairs. It kind of ties the room together in a way that I didn't expect, but truly appreciate.

Each official Alphabet Photography piece is a true original as chosen by you for someone special and is a perfect display of originality, class and style.

The perfect customized gift that includes photographs from all over the world, this is the original Alphabet Photography. Celebrity owners include: Prince Charles, Prince William and Kate, Tyra Banks, Ryan Seacrest, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, John Schneider, Nelly Furtado and many more!

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Alphabet Photography. The opinions, photographs and text are all mine. 


  1. I think over the mantle is wonderful place for your photo collage! It really is beautiful!

  2. I LOVE this! I gave a friend one last year that spelled out "music" and she put it over her piano!

  3. i love these. they're very cute. :)

  4. *That* is absolutely stunning! Love!

  5. That is so cute! And yes- impressed you got it hung up right away, it definitely takes us a while too. Thanks for coming to my blog today.


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