Monday, October 1, 2012

Thought I Knew You, by Kate Moretti ~ Book Review

In Thought I Knew You we begin with Claire's husband leaving for a business trip that he never comes home from. That he vanished leaves us with so many questions. I like Claire right away. As a wife and mother, I'm definitely nervous for her. After a while I'm ticked off for her. Not AT her, almost never at her. But for her? Yeah, I'm ticked.

And Greg? Where the heck is he? He's disappeared, and he's made me angry. But first I'm worried. Then I'm angry. Then I'm torn. Pretty much exactly the way Claire feels. Moretti truly created a relatable character when she penned Claire.

This story has me questioning so much, and thinking hard about the characters and their marriage. Sometimes thinking about marriage in general. The questions Claire asked herself, how many of us ask ourselves? Things like, do you really know your partner? How well?

Claire asks these questions for a really long time. Is it possible that the man she loved was living a secret life? Did he? Is he off with his lover somewhere? A woman who knows him better than she did? Is he dead? Should she want him to be? What secrets was he keeping from her while he was alive? How is she ever going to figure all of this out?

As she makes her way through the loss of her husband, Claire leans on her parents tremendously. I enjoyed reading a novel where the parents (and in their role here, grandparents) have a supportive role and aren't looked at as painful, problematic or completely non-supportive. She also has two best friends in her world. Drew, the long-time friend with a history of longing for her and Sarah, the crazy party girl who you'd absolutely want to hang out with. Drew is the dependable man in Claire's life. She needs him and he is there. Their history is easily understood. Their missed connections, their time together. All a part of what made them who they are today.

Some of this story was predictable. Perhaps I jumped ahead in my mind and expected certain things to happen so I was not surprised when they did. But the mystery surrounding Greg's absence was twisty and turn-y until just about the end.

While the epilogue wrapped up the details in a nice little bow, I felt a let-down when I finished reading, looking for more - perhaps more heart? I just felt like it was a bit of a copout, giving us a pretty little summary where we might have wanted more. Something heartier. Maybe it wasn't quite the nice little bow, after all? Overall this was an interesting read. Unfortunately, the way that it ended didn't leave me wanting a sequel, but I would love to see what happens with Sarah ... maybe she needs her own story!

The more I re-read my own review, I think that is what was missing from this book. A little more heart to the characters to help the story mean more. To make me more caught up in what was happening and feel a bit more strongly. If you happen to pick up a copy do let me know if you agree!

* This book was provided to me by Red Adept Publishing. All expressed opinions are strictly my own. 


  1. Oh, I love your book reviews! I just finished a book about 5 minutes ago, and I need a new one. This one sounds intriguing! Thanks! --Lisa

  2. You made a good point about the parents in this. That IS a refreshing change of pace!

  3. This does sound good even with a little less heart than was needed.

  4. Oh a love a good book! Sounds like a nice read, actually. I can't imagine if something like that happened to me...

  5. Read a few words of your review and added it to my Goodreads!

  6. It does sound like a really intriguing storyline. I appreciate your honest review of it


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