Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How old are you now?

OK, so I never really got to my 40 before 40 list, did I?

That's okay. I'm making a 40 WHILE I'm 40 list now, instead.

It's my Pour Your Heart Out post for the week.

* Get my driver's license... ? It's always on my list. Maybe this time I'll get there.
* Make it to the annual girls' weekend w. my college peeps.
* Donate my hair again. Not sure I'll do this before the weekend, so tossing it in here to be safe.
* Volunteer at my daughter's kindergarten class.
* Take a vacation with my husband and daughter - somewhere warm and tropical-ish where we can swim.
* Participate in a mud run! Any local friends wanna join? I'm totally doing this!
* Read 40 books by brand new authors. Share your recs, please.
* Go out with friends or solo at least 40 times. Any takers?
* Lose 40 lbs. Yes, that's extreme, but I'm going with a theme here.
* Take a pole dancing class.

So that's ten ...

* Take that HOT yoga class I bought a Groupon for and never used. Whoops.
* Meet 40 blogging / social media friends I haven't met before. I'm already signed up for Type-A in September '13, so maybe there will be 40 new peeps there. Otherwise I have to work it HARD!
* Catch a fish. And of course release it!
* Try 40 new recipes.

And that's four ...

Everyone can do that math, right?

* Take a class in something I've never tried before. Like painting or photography.
* Publish a piece of writing via Amazon (through Kindle or something like that!).
* Successfully make no-bake cookies.
* Go for a hike. Or two. Or ten. Not banking on forty for this one.
* Complete Couch to 5K.
* Get to a concert.
* Sing karaoke.
* Fire a gun.

Plus eight ...

Yeesh. This is rough. No wonder I couldn't come up with enough ideas last year.


Twenty-two things to do in the next year.

I might have to leave it at that for now. It's almost too stressful to come up with more.

Feel free to leave ideas in the comments. I'd love the assist!


  1. Sounds like a lot to do!

    I'm not sure about a mud run, but I'm bummed to not be doing the color run this weekend- last weekend of soccer. :(

  2. Do something musical? like learn an instrument, or go to a classical concert, or go to a ballet.
    Or maybe go to a Broadway show?
    Or a Shakespeare play?
    Teach your daughter to ride her bike? I dunno if she can already...
    Have fun! I love these lists!

  3. I think that 22 is plenty to try an tackle!! I just saw a Groupon for pole dancing class! LOL!

  4. I love your list! I've been thinking about making a 30 before 30 list but I haven't gotten around to it. Imagine that.

    Anyway, I have a book recommendation for you! I read over there -->> that you are not from the South and I JUST finished this funny book about Southern women - it's called Suck Your Stomach In and Put On Some Color -
    I thought it was hilarious! I'd love to know if you read it!

  5. Sorry, I accidentally posted the link twice!

  6. New author for you to read: the Burning of Isobel Key by Jen McConnel

  7. I love your list. I turn 40 in February - dreading it and excited for it all at once. A few of the things on your list I have done recently - maybe I have been making my own list!

    A did a mud run last June - it was crazy- every muscle sore for a week. But I am so happy that I did it. I also completed the couch to 5K, but need to kick my butt to get back out there. I went to my first blogging conference, I didn't meet 40 people, but I did meet a few. I am hoping to get to Blissdom or maybe even Type A next year. And I am going away with 2 college girlfriends next weekend! I can't wait.
    I would love to read 40 new books. Unfortunately I am averaging about 2 pages a night right now because I fall asleep! And yes I would love to successfully make no-bake cookies.

    How about making a new friend in your neighborhood/mom of one of your daughter's friends. I know breaking through my shell to do stuff like that is always hard for me!

  8. I would do a mud run in a heart beat! Good luck with your list!

  9. Good luck, I'm sure you will accomplish a lot! I think it's a wonderful sort of freedom making these to do lists.:) I had a birthday yesterday and it got me thinking about things too!

  10. October 28th...what a great and special day for our family : ) I have an idea(s) for your some random acts of kindness throughout the year, always makes you feel good. Although, not always appreciated, one woman WOULD NOT let me buy her coffee as she fumbled with her purse laptop etc I think she couldn't let herself be "helped" by a woman with no make up and gross sweats on whilst she was dressed to the nines HA!
    Use YouTube to learn a new skill (my friend and I are going to learn a few old timey cocktails then have a party this winter) Knitting? Crochet? Harmonica playing?


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