Wednesday, November 30, 2011

40 Before I'm 40 (or not)

Yes, I'll be 40 next year. My birthday is in October, so it's not like it's *close* or anything, but it's next year, and it's almost next year - ya know? So why not come up with a list, right? 40 things to do before I turn 40.

Sure - no pressure - just a list of maybes. Must be-s. And who knows what will be-s?

I love lists cause I love crossing things off them. But here I sit saying to myself, should I start with 40 and work my way back to number one? Or start with one and work up to forty? Sigh. What a confusing choice to make.

- Get my driver's license.

- Lose 12 lbs.

- Cut and donate my hair again.

So what happens when you come up with three things? You're kind of screwed, no?

I'll keep thinking. Any ideas?

p.s. So I accidentally published this yesterday for about five minutes, but decided, NO! I couldn't do that! I have nothing on my list. And then I thought about it. Forgot about it. And thought about it some more. And you know what? Whatever. I mean - who cares, right? I'm shoving this one on you. I expect 40 different (read=original) comments from my friends - that means you, dear readers - coming up with things for me to do before I turn 40 next October.

I'm serious. And you can't steal my top 3. So, there you have it.



  1. Have coffee with me? That gives us a year :)

    That's a pretty big 3... maybe they should count for more than one?

  2. I turned 40 in March. 1st off it isn't so bad and I don't really feel old most days lol :) Maybe you could do a couch to 5k to help you shed those last 12 pounds. I ran one a few years ago and was quite proud of myself :) GL on your list!

  3. Skinny dipping

    Pay for the person behind you's coffee or toll

    Volunteer at an animal shelter.

    Swim with dolphins

    Run/walk a race

    Hike a local trail.

    Read 1 good book / month

    Take an art class

    Take a language class

    Splash in puddles

    Go sledding

    Bake cookies w a kid or 3, preferably w icing and sprinkles. Borrow someone's kids and give a mom a break if needed.

    Help a friend

    Make a new friend

    Forgive someone

  4. Get something pierced or tattooed (?)
    Sing at a karaoke bar
    Buy a pair of "1 hour shoes" you know, those frivolous and super high ones that you can only wear for one hour max.
    Celebrate all year by trying a new, hole in the wall (perhaps) restaurant a month
    Sit in on a class at DUKE : )) in a subject you have always wanted to hear about
    Make a list of all of "those books you should have read but never did" then read one a month

    I think you are smart to make the list now, then celebrate in small personal ways all year long.

  5. And, btw, the tattoo'ing is on my mind because my 76 year old very proper British mom got one yesterday with two of her younger church friends...and on her ankle, not even somewhere you can hide it in a dress! Whhaaatt?!
    Here's a funny idea for other lists for you to do:
    Thing I should like but just don't
    Things I like, but really shouldn't
    Haha, my friend just did these one FB, so funny to see what she wrote then others chimed in on.
    And, one final thing...I have a journal type book called List Yourself. It's fun, you need it.

  6. Just became a follower. Would love a follow back.

    How about Zipline?


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