Sunday, October 7, 2012

Comfortable times.

Five minutes of comfy cozy talk. And go ...

Fall is cozy season. It reminds me of so many warming things.

Like apple cider at the farmer's market. Or a small bag of mini-apple cider donuts.

btw, this is going to take me way more than five minutes because my laptop is totally effed up these days and decides when it wants to either a. highlight areas and completely screw me up, or b. highlight over areas and/or move my arrow so I can write in spots that I'm totally NOT planning on writing in.

ie: it looks awesome when I'm typing and say: "so many warmthings like applciderde" Say hwat?

Yeah, that was an honest typoe so I'm leaving it. Seens like I am unable to type after being so hesitant due to the initial horrors that I am hoping beyond hope I have fixed.

So - where was I?

Warm and cozy, right?

I was just talking with a friend today as we did the Heart Walk (yay, us!) and were layered up to ensure  that we were just that. Warm and cozy.

Old sweatshirts. Fleece pullovers. The memories that are practically sewn into those articles of clothing, that probably make you more warm and xozy than the items themselves. xozy. Nice.

Of course now that I have b!tched about my not-so-coze laptop I'm totally spelling things wrong and typing like a mess. A hot mess. Total mess and a half. Fun.

Today was like a fall day. Seriously. Here in NC we don't get too many of those. But I love 'em. I enjoy them and hope we have more of them. And yes, I'm totally serious. For realz.

I wore a l-s tee shirt, a short-sleeved t-shirt and a windbreaker. And then a vest over that. Crazy, no? I didn't need that many layers because I really was not that cold, but I thought it might pour so I tossed on the windbreaker at the last minute and figured that I would take the risk and remove the layers in case I had to instead of add a layer I didn't have, ya know?

Anyway - I really have more to add but I'm way over the five minutes mark, I'm sure. And cozy? SOup. Lots and lots of soup. Stay tuned for a replay of my favorite corn chowder recipe. This time with pictures. Peace out, peeps!

p.s. Go Giants!


  1. We ended up at a Fall Festival and I had to borrow and big, warm sweatshirt from a certain someone...I actually wrote a post about it that I'll get up soon. I don't think I'll give it back!

  2. I have been so ready to get out my cozy Fall clothes. It sounds like a great walk.

  3. I am LOVING finally have fall arrive in the Carolinas! Truly my favorite weather of the year! Great post. That totally blows about your laptop, by the way!-Ashley

  4. This was totally me yesterday too! Bundled up at the autism walk, first day of really all-day chilly brrr my hands are cold. Was supposed to pour, but didn't because the Universe will not let it rain on Autism Move-a-Thon day, so it has been written. But I had my slicker layer just in case :)

  5. Hooray for soup!

    For some reason your posts aren't showing up in my Triberr feed?

  6. Can't wait for the corn chowder recipe!! Your post made me so cozy :)


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