Monday, March 19, 2012

Being a kid ...

When I saw this prompt from Monday Listicles over at Rachel's place, I decided I had to participate to share something more upbeat about my child after yesterday's post. Cause she's an incredible, light-hearted, thoughtful, spunky and fun little one. And she's got it made, hasn't she?

This week is kid edition. List of ten reasons why being a child is great. Or why it is not. Up to you.

Top Ten Reasons Being a Kid is GREAT!

10. Eating without calories.
- I know that's not true. But it sure felt like it and seems like it for my kiddo!

9. Applause when you do something successfully.
- Who claps for me when I go potty? Oh, yeah. My kid used to.

8. TV at your demand.
- There was no "Can you rewind it?" or "Can you go to the beginning?" when I was growing up. When I was a kid I had to walk over to the television and change.the.CHANNEL!

7. Someone wipes your behind.
- Okay, so I don't really want that, but there are days ...

6. She likes doing the dishes.
- You know, I used to, also. Used to. Until they tripled. Or more. She also likes using about 3-4 spoons per yogurt. Who gets away with that as an adult?

5. The big people are at your disposal.
- They are. Even when they (we) tell you they're (we're) not. If you need us we are there. If you need something it is provided to you. Within reason, of course. But still. Who is at my disposal these days? Sigh. I need a few fairies around here.

4. Your heart hasn't yet been broken.
- Sure, sometimes it feels like it hurts. But you have not yet experienced true heartbreak. And I like it that way. I loved it that way for myself, too.

3. Trust is almost always a given.
- The innocence of childhood permits you to trust everyone. Your parents do the weeding out. The non-trusting. There is no violation of trust for you where you might suspect mis-deeds. It's a beautiful time. I miss it. Sometimes.

2. Everyone is your friend.
- Cousins, neighbors, fellow girl scouts, people you meet at Chick-fil-a. They're your friends. You remember them well. The openness is amazing. You're warm, you're embracing, you're pure and you're true.

1. Money doesn't matter.
- Why did I save that for last? I don't know. I should have moved #2 down, but I honestly felt it when I wrote it. It's not a big countdown of ideas here, people. I promise. It's just amazing how children can walk through Target (when they're not screaming their heads off) and think that it's entirely at their fingertips. They can have anything in the store because Mommy and Daddy can buy it. And I don't mean that she wants it all - though often she asks for it all - but she truly thinks we CAN buy it all. It's incredible to see her eyes light up at the toys and the games and the random things that one would never think she'd want. And it isn't an *I must have this now* kind of mentality. She honestly says, "For my next birthday - when I'm six," so she means well. But her eyes are SO big and wide, that she'd ask that whether it were a few Barbies, a LalaLoopsy or something a 2-yo might play with. She'd ask for a grown-up scooter, a piece of furniture or something for the dogs. I suppose it's the true innocence when it comes to wanting and understanding what CAN be had that made me put this last. It's pure. It's real. It's the same way when it comes to shopping for birthday gifts for her little friends. She'd spent $50 just as sure as she'd spend $5. And you know what? I hate curbing that - but a budget's a budget, people.

So - there you have it. My list of children's amazing things. Or my child's.

Oh, wait. I forgot two more.

- It's like a food group.

Love your body.
- Only as a child can one run around the house buck nekkid or half-dressed and be 100% comfortable with who they are.

*You'd think those two would contradict one another but it's so amazing how they don't seem to do that until one is an understanding adult.

I first thought this would be a bunch of my own memories, but then I read the prompt and this suited today more. Happy Monday, all!


  1. my kid doesn't care for ice cream! freaking weirdo!!

  2. Reading this list made me decide to do my very first Monday Listicles. I've read many but have never actually wrote one. However this was so much fun to read. :)

  3. Great list. LOL over the running naked bit. Once Pierce tried to pee on the lawn of the municipal building downtown, in front of about 100 people at a luncheon.

  4. Wonderful follow up to the last post!

  5. We do occasionally have ice cream around here for breakfast. Hurrah.. Fun list.

  6. Reading this made me very happy. It is so true: your heart is not yet broken, you get to eat ice cream without a worry and everyone is a friend. I hope she stays like this for so very, very long. Lovely list!!

  7. Great list. It's so true when you are a kid trust is so much easier, I think that goes hand in hand with the not having your heart broken one.

  8. Cannot forget ice cream which totally correlates with the no calories bit.
    Also when you want up you get up...on your own accord. Yea...cheers to that.

  9. Love #2 and #1 the most!!! :)

  10. Great list... I think the love of ice cream and their body doesn't contradict because (#1) calories don't count!

    Sadly, my kdis have had their hearts broken, but in the long run, maybe it's a good thing, because it didn't happen to their mamma until she was 30 and it's sort of maimed her if you willl...she's ill-equipped, going through it for only the second time at 35!

  11. Magic, the world is magical and anything is possible.

  12. Unbroken hearts, free applause... those were the days! I loved this list! Carefree - that's what being a kid was!

  13. Okay, the applause thing is totally out of control in my house. I'm worried we're over-praising. Is that even possible?

    Anyway, I had a GREAT time meeting you last night, Andrea! I can't wait for BlogHer!

  14. Oh, this is Amy. Sorry, my husband, Greyson, must be logged in to Google somewhere. Ha!

  15. Perfectly true list! Especially # 1 oh and loving your body!

  16. So true!
    Also, I love the new mobile version of your blog! My phone hated your site for some reason, but this makes it perfectly easy to read!


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