Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday, Sunday


Another Sunday, another update.  This was a rough week. And it's not because my parents are in town since Wednesday - which has been excellent - but because my kiddo got sick this week after her shots last Monday. High fever, which turned into a sort of cold, and ultimately turned into a stomach-y thing. Not fun. Needless to say it impacted my working out opportunities. 

Which made me quite hesitant to step on the scale this morning. Especially after that Hershey's with Almonds chocolate bar I had yesterday. The one I practically wolfed down in the front seat of the car. Yeah - that one. Not good. 

But I did include it in my calories for the day, so I tried, ya know? AND ... I got home, ordered Papa John's for us for dinner, and went out to RUN!

I am on Week 3 of the Couch to 5K running program. I probably could have been a lot further into it, but that first few weeks I stayed in week one because I didn't want to push myself too hard. I am not a runner - or I wasn't. I'm probably still not quite one, but I'm trying, ya know? I'm out there - as regularly as I can be - and trying to MOVE and motivate myself. 

So this morning I stepped on that scale. I said to myself, screw it, I might have a gain, but I might not, so we'll see. And when I stepped on and saw the number I said to myself, OK, fine, you stayed the same. That's alright. You kind of expected that. Then I went over to my phone and my trusty LoseIt app. I checked my previous weight and what do you know? I lost a pound! I can't believe it. I guess that even though my working out slowed down this week, my eating stayed within reason (even with a chocolate bar - no kidding!) and I upped my water intake, and it all came together.  

So some people might be ticked off at just a pound, but for me, slow and steady is winning this race. And even better, my mom, who I haven't seen in way too many months, noticed I'm slimming down. I told her I'm in it for real this time, and she even said my arms are "getting tight," seriously. I kind of feel it, so I'm proud enough to keep at it. Believe me. I have good and bad days. And weeks. And moments. I wasn't proud of wolfing down that chocolate bar by any means. But I needed it, wanted it and had it. And then I moved on. 

You can, too. Move on with me. We'll keep at this as best we can - TOGETHER. 

Thanks for sticking with me, friends. I feel really good and continue to stay motivated having you all along for the ride. It's like an accountability tool for myself to incorporate this into my blog. And if it's boring for any of you, sorry. Too bad. hee hee. I kid. But seriously. Sorry. I'll just tell you to move back a post and read something else. Or skip my Sunday week in review updates. Because I'm having at it and giving it my all. And pretty soon my numbers will be at a point where I'll look at the total I'm down and say, holy crap - no kidding! In the meantime, as crappy as I might feel, or as tired as I am, I'm going to continue to attack this mission WITH MY HEART.

As always, my images come from my Motivate me! Pinterest page. Link throughs are available there to find out where they originally came from. And if they're not, let me know. That means I fell asleep on the job there in my self-motivating state.


  1. you have so much more motivation than i do, i al laaaaaaazy.

  2. Great job. Keep up the good work and you didn't bore me with the post. I think I'm going to go take a walk. :-)

  3. One pound is far better than no pounds! You are right. This is a slow, steady race- not a sprint. I do have a question, though... before you started C25K, did you exercise at all? Did you consider yourself totally out of shape? I'm TOTALLY out of shape and I'm far heavier than I'd like to admit, so I think starting out with a running program may be too much for me until I've shed some poundage. Thoughts?

  4. Good for you girl! Imagine what I'll say the next time I see you! :-)

    I need to get back on the proverbial horse. I've gained five. If I'm careful, it will come off quickly... I just need to be careful.

    I'd love to do a couch to 5K, but it's one of those things that doesn't fit into my lifestyle yet because the kids aren't quite old enough for Mamma to leave home while I go out for a run... The Boy will be 10 this fall, so maybe soon...

  5. GO YOU! I'm not a runner (in fact, I gave it up) but sticking with the cardio is a great thing! Congrats on your pound. May it stay away for good! <3

  6. Good for you, girl!

    I am one of those people who aren't happy with just a pound, especially if I have been working at it - I wish I was more of a "moderation" person, but hey I am trying to get out of the all or nothing mentality. And you, my darling, are really inspiring!!

  7. I definitely think weight stays off better when it's taken off slowly. You're doing fine, and you learned that you can have a treat now and then and still continue this journey!


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